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Oogie Boogie Bash

The Oogie Boogie Bash at Disney California Adventure Park personal review 2019. Blog post was updated with 2021 information 

The Oogie Boogie bash is a separate ticketed event on select nights at Disney California Adventure Park. In previous years, Disneyland had a Halloween party called Mickey’s Not so Scary Halloween Party located within the Disneyland Resort Park. This year Disney decided to recreate the Halloween Party with a new and very different theme. Moving it over to Disney California Adventure was the next logical idea. 

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Tickets go on sale July 13th, 2021 and can be purchased here

You may enter Disney California Adventure at 3pm and the party is from 6pm-11pm for Ticketed Guests only

Here are the dates & prices:

Thurs, Sept. 9 - $124
Sat, Sept. 11 - $169
Sun, Sept 12- $134
Tues, Sept 14- $114
Thurs, Sept 16- $124
Sun, Sept 19- $144
Tues, Sept 21- $114
Thurs, Sept 23- $124
Sun, Sept 26- $134
Tues, Sept 28- $114
Thurs, Sept 30- $124
Sun, Oct 3- $149
Tues, Oct 5- $124
Thurs, Oct 7- $134
Sun, Oct 10- $149
Tues, Oct 12- $124
Thurs, Oct 14- $134
Sun,Oct 17- $149
Tues, Oct 19- $124
Thurs, Oct 21- $134
Sun, Oct 24- $149
Tues, Oct 26- $149
Thurs, Oct 28- $149
Sat, Oct 30- $169
Sun, Oct 31- $169

I attended the second night of the 2019 Oogie Boogie bash on Thursday, September 19, 2019. I have never attended a Disneyland Halloween party so this was a new experience for me. Prior to the event I watched videos on YouTube and Instagram on other non Halloween Disneyland separate ticketed events just so I could get a feel of what things might be like. I also visited the Disneyland website and schedule information with all the Party details. Since I was attending the second night I stalked friends and others in the media Industry Instagram stories for any insight they might share. This really helped me create a plan to maximize my evening.

What You Need to Know Before Attending the Oogie Boogie bash 

Check your comparisons at the Gate

First off Don’t compare the Oogie Boogie bash to the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. While they may have similarities and share a common interest, they are not the same event!

Don’t expect to be able to do everything!

This was the best advice I received. If you attend expecting to do it all you will disappoint yourself. There is so much to see and do it’s nearly impossible to see it all in one night.

Preplan and Flexibility 

I highly suggest you look at the schedule and create a list of what is most important to you. List them in order but allow some flexibility just in case plans change.

Bring a Empty Backpack 

If you are planning on going through the treat trails you will get a lot of candy. They give you a teeny tiny bag with your wristband but I doubt it holds anything bigger than a water bottle. I personally hate carrying around backpacks on vacation but I had a lightweight one I used just for the candy and it worked out perfectly.

Treat Trails

There are several Treat trails in various parts of the park. Don’t fret about long lines they move fast. Some of the treat trails have live interactions with characters, but don’t expect this to be a photo op so have your camera ready to snap a photo as you walk by. This was my favorite part every character interacted with me in a very special way. Typically they ask a question or comment on your costume. You can go through the treat trails as many times as you want.

As for the candy on the trail the cast members will hand it to you. It’s typically a mixed selection of candy so you don’t get to choose. For those of you who prefer a non candy option I saw several (but not all) of the trails also had things like prepackaged apple slices, carrots, grapes, Apple sauce packets and Pirates Booty. They did not have separate things for various food allergies, this is something you will need to go through your bag and separate items you are allergic to. Honestly I didn’t have too many non gluten free candy. It was mostly chocolate candy like snickers, m & m and skittles.

Eat Dinner Early 

Several people suggested this to me and I even fell short on this. I foolishly decided to ride some of my favorite attractions when I probably should have eaten dinner first. I did eat a gluten free Incredicookie but unfortunately by the time I was ready for dinner the lines were extremely long. I didn’t get dinner until after 8pm, but it was delicious. I ended up getting a gluten free Rest in Peace Pastrami Dog from Award Wieners (on the special Halloween time menu).

Some Restaurant and Stores Close Early

While I heard ahead of time the shops close the doors at 11pm (maybe even before), so get your merchandise early. They are strict too, I saw several upset people who got turned away. I’m not sure which eateries close Early but I can tell you I was deeply disappointed when I tried to go to Clarabelle's for a Ice cream bar at 9pm and they were closed. Also the Starbucks was closed as well.

Lines, lines and more lines

Yes there are long lines for the treat trails, photos with the characters, food, and villains trail. Besides the character photos and food the rest of the lines move pretty fast. However, the lines were almost non existent on the attractions. I think I had a less than 5 minute wait for Guardians Monsters After Dark and I walked right on Incredicoaster (I was the only person on my ride).

Villainous! World of Color

No World of Color show for 2021

photo credit: Disneyland News

There are two showings of this and no fast passes are needed. Stand where you like, there really are no bad views. It was suggested to me to attend the second show. If you can hang till 10:45pm this show definitely is less crowded. To give you an idea I rode 3 rides, went through a treat trail, used the restroom and as the show started I walked right up near the front for a great view.

Villains Grove

This line was the longest and it doesn’t open until after it gets dark. So that exact time will vary. I probably went at a bad time, I might suggest going during either the Frightful Parade (only if you want to skip it there is only one show) or during the 1st Villainous show. This was such an immersive experience with all the lights and sounds. It might be too overwhelming for young ones. At some points on the path I felt it was kinda dark, eerie and slightly scary. I suggest watching a video on YouTube before you go so you know what to expect. It’s a walking experience so strollers are not allowed, it is scooter and wheelchair accessible though.

Frightfully Fun Parade

They only have 1 parade a night so if this is important to you I suggest you set a timer on your phone. The parade route starts over by the Paradise Gardens Park area, where you watch World of Color (near the Little Mermaid ride). It continues on curving past the entrance to Cars Land and down Buena Vista Street going towards Guardians of Galaxy ride. The advise I was given was to sit or stand towards the end of the route. I actually grabbed my very later dinner from Award Wieners and sat right across in front of the Art of Animation. It was the best spot and a very entertaining parade!

My thoughts overall are that I absolutely loved the Oogie Boogie bash. I think the new theme and moving it to Disney California Adventure Park was a brilliant idea! This year the event was completely sold out by early September. If it returns next year definitely buy your tickets early because I’m sure it will sell out much sooner. If you can swing it financially and have the time buy tickets to two dates. I almost did everything but there are still things I missed and things I would love to do again. By the end of the night I was tired and my feet very sore, but I had such a magical evening that I will never forget!

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