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Disneyland Breakfast Discontinued

Disneyland Breakfast Discontinued, hopefully a temporary situation.

What do you typically do for breakfast on your Disneyland Park days? Did you hear Disneyland Breakfast is Discontinued? I noticed that there are no breakfast menus currently in the Disneyland app from the list of restaurants that will be open. This might be problematic for some who typically start their Disney days with breakfast in the parks.  You are definitely going to need a back up plan!

Certainly the lack of breakfast offerings in both parks might be a temporary situation. You definitely need to have a plan on what to do because speaking from experience you don’t want to start off your Disneyland day hangry!

Disneyland Breakfast Back Up Plans:

  • Walgreens on S. Harbor has several gluten free food choices to purchase prior to breakfast you can have them ready to eat in your hotel room. (this specific location only)

  • Use Instacart or other grocery delivery service to bring breakfast items the night before, you can store in your hotel room refrigerator.

  • Bring food from home or stop off at a grocery store to pick up essentials.

  • Denny’s has a gluten free menu you can dine in or take it to go.

  • Skip breakfast & eat early lunch in the Park.

  • Downtown Disney might have some dining reservations like La Brea Bakery & Cafe you can sit down to dine before heading into the Parks. (most don't open until later in the morning)

  • Some hotels offer breakfast BUT they might not be offering them at this time or there are no gluten free options.

Another thing to keep in mind is currently the health restrictions for Disneyland state that you can not eat or drink while you are in line for attraction or walking around the theme park. You must be seated either at a designated dining area that has tables or off to the side away from other Park guests.  So my best suggestion is to eat before you even start to head to the main gates of Disneyland.

How will this news affect how you start your Disneyland day?