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Gluten-free Instant Pot Pasta

If you didn't know already an Instant Pot is a pressure cooker.  They have become a staple in many households.  They often save time when preparing meals for your family.  Many recipes can be adapted to fit your dietary needs or personal preferences.  I have found generally gluten free pasta can be very difficult to make on the stove top. Many gluten-free pasta brands turn to mush after cooking, but there is one brand I have tested that holds up.   Below is the simple and no fuss recipe for cooking gluten-free pasta meal in your Instant Pot or Pressure cooker.

Gluten-Free Instant Pot Pasta

Supplies Needed

1 lb organic grass-fed ground beef (I find organic grass-fed beef to create less fat)
1 jar of pasta sauce (24-26 oz jar of your choice)
12 oz of water
1-2 TBSP of onion powder
8 oz of dry uncooked Gluten-Free Barilla Penne Pasta (must be this brand, Penne or Rigatoni works well)
Instant Pot
Wooden Spoon or other utensil

Cooking Directions

  • Plug in Instant Pot, Insert Cooking Pot and Set to Saute
  • Add ground beef and onion powder to the Instant Pot 
  • Saute meat until fully cooked (use wooden spoon to break up the meat; no need to drain any fat)
  • Turn off Instant Pot but keep meat in the Pot
  • Pour entire jar of sauce to the Instant pot
  • Take empty sauce jar and fill halfway with water
  • Pour water into the Pot with the sauce and meat
  • Measure out 8 oz of Gluten-free Barilla pasta & add to the Pot
  • Stir all ingredients together
  • Close the lid to the Instant Pot and Set dial to sealed (make sure your rubber seal is attached before closing lid)
  • Turn on Instant Pot to the Manual Setting
  • Set to 9 minutes
  • When timer goes off do a Quick Release
  • Open the Pot and stir
  • Turn off Instant Pot and Gluten-free Pasta is ready to serve

(*side note: I had both penne & rigatoni leftover dry pasta so I just combined both in this recipe but typically I wouldn't do that)