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Disneyland Reopening Information | April 30, 2021

Information on Disneyland Reopening and Ticket Sales for 2021

Disneyland in Anaheim California closed in March 2020 due to state guidelines in conjunction with the outbreak of Covid-19. Great news Disneyland is reopening April 30th, 2021.  Here is the Information you will need for all things related to Disneyland Reopening.

Deep Fried Gluten Free OREO


Just incase you hadn't heard the most exciting news.... in late January 2021 Nabisco released a gluten free version of the famous OREO cookie.  People all over the USA and Canada were going crazy searching for one of the two Gluten Free OREO options.  The Gluten Free OREO line comes in both double stuf and regular OREO variety.  Another thing to note is these Gluten Free OREOs are certified Gluten Free!