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Here are Answers to the Most Common Frequently Asked Questions about Gluten Free Food options at Disneyland in Anaheim, California.

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What does Gluten Friendly mean?

This is a term Disney uses frequently to label gluten free food items. I believe they use this term to let people know most of the food is not prepared in dedicated kitchens.

What is the Safety Protocol at Disneyland for Gluten Free?

Disneyland takes food allergies very seriously. I always suggest requesting to speak with the chef at each location before ordering. Disneyland does not have dedicated kitchen so they do their best to limit cross contamination but the risk is always there.

What does Quick Service or QS mean?

Disneyland a quick-service restaurant offers great food and fast service. They are generally either cafeteria-style or counter-service venues. You order or take the food items that you want, pay for your food and sit down to enjoy your meal. Several of these quick service locations also offer gluten free and food allergy menu options.

What does Table Service mean?

Disneyland table service restaurant is one that typically requires a reservation. At this restaurant the meal is often a slower pace dining experience where you are seated at a table, your meal and beverages are ordered/delivered by the wait staff.

Are Disneyland straws gluten free?

This is very commonly misunderstood by many. I’ve checked multiple times with Disneyland directly and they are gluten free. Again another case of why I encourage others not to take advise/opinion from wait staff or CMs that are not trained in allergies. If there is ever any doubt requesting the chef to come for a chat will help.

I check atleast once or twice a year with Disneyland directly and confirmed this week the straws are in fact gluten free!!!

Where can I find the gluten free menus?

You can definitely find them at each dining establishment, however, not each location has an allergy menu so you will need to request a chef. Some of the menus are available within the Disneyland app and I have all of the Quick Service options listed in my Guide, as well as snacks (which are not listed in the app).

Where can I get Gluten Free Mickey Waffles?

You can find them at all of the character dining locations as well as Carnation Cafe. Only available during breakfast service

Which Character dining is the best for Gluten Free?

Honestly, the experiences are quite alike. Each venue provides access to a chef (whom you can request to speak with upon arrival or seating). The service typically follows a buffet style, with options for some accommodations to be brought directly to your table. While each Character dining spot features a slightly different primary character and several others, some characters might be consistent across locations (though occasional surprises with rare character visits do happen, but aren't guaranteed).

Where can I find gluten free Mac n cheese, fried chicken or chicken nuggets?

Unfortunately at this time Disneyland does not offer a gluten free version of these fan favorites.

Where are the Gluten Free churros?

Sadly Disneyland does not have gluten free churros. They are only available at Walt Disney World Park in Florida.

How Do I get a Gluten Free Monte Cristo Sandwich?

Great news I shared my dining experience on my website. You can only get a Gluten Free Monte Cristo with a reservation to either Cafe Orleans or Blue Bayou but there are some hoops you have to jump through. I created a email prompt with more detail information in my guide if you need more help.

It is recommended to request the gluten free sandwich at least 14 days in advance via emailing Disney Special diets ( special.diets@disneyland.com ).