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Safety Tips for Traveling Solo

Over the past few years whether it be for a conference, blogging opportunity or just for some me time I have been traveling solo.  I wanted to share some helpful tips for other solo travelers.  Many of these tips you would think are common sense but when you are traveling solo sometimes you forget and that might risk your safety.

Leave hotel, flight & other emergency contact information for your loved ones.
You might be running late the morning of your flight and forget to leave this information but it only takes 2 seconds to send all this info ahead of time in a text or email to your loved ones.  God forbid they ever need to contact you in an emergency but you have no control over things that happen in life and it is better to take this extra precaution.  It is also great if you have the time to write it out too and put in on the fridge, it gives them a visual reminder too.

Stay in Touch with your loved ones.
Once you arrive at your destination send a text, email or voicemail to your loved ones letting them know you have arrived.    Check in periodically during your trip with maybe a photo of you having fun.  This photo could be very important for emergency personal should the unfortunate happen to you. This doesn't mean you need to check in every hour but it gives them piece of mind knowing you have arrived and things are ok. It might also be a good idea to also send a message when you are on your way home too.

Update your Emergency Contacts.
Make sure you have updated phone numbers and names of your emergency contacts in your phone and on paper.  Be sure to give at least 1 reliable emergency contact persons info to the hotel you are staying at.  Often in an emergency situation your brain goes into a confused state and you might not even remember those numbers by heart when you need them the most.

Don't Give out personal info.
While we all know not to give our personal info to strangers, sometimes you get caught up in conversations and before you know it you realize you basically just told the lady sitting next to you on your flight half of your travel plans.  I am not saying don't have small talk with other travelers just be cautious not to share too many of your travel details, it might even be a good idea to use a fake name too.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings.
This is very important. I people watch all the time and am very aware of what others around me are doing.  Try not to get too involved in that book or your iPad that you miss someone trying to steal your purse sitting right next to you.  Even the nicest, clean and well dressed people can be a thief.

I hope these tips helped you on your next solo travel trip.  Don't be afraid to travel solo, just be smart and safe about it!