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How to Fly for FREE

Everyone likes to save money when they are planning their vacations.  Often many opt to travel to their destination by car instead of flying to help offset the cost.  Did you know that depending on where your destination is flying can actually be not as expensive as you thought?  In some cases it can be cheaper to fly than drive, allowing you to arrive sooner and giving you more time to enjoy your destination.

I am by all means not living the lifestyle of the rich and famous, but many of my friends just think I do.  The secret is I am great at planning my vacation and finding the best airline deals.  Normally I take 1-2 trips a year traveling by air, however I stumbled across an awesome deal late fall 2017 that is taking me and my flying companion on several trips for FREE in 2018.

I absolutely love Southwest Airlines.  They fly to several cities across the USA, allow 2 free checked bags and offer amazing deals to their Rapid Rewards Members.  Did you hear that 2 FREE CHECKED BAGS?  Seriously, no other airline offers that anymore.

So, how do I travel for free?

Last fall Southwest offered a special credit card offer to California residents.  The offer was if I opened up a Southwest credit card I earned a free companion pass good for a year and after I spent $1,000 in the first 3 months I earned 50,000 Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Points (used for air travel).  Plus you get 3,000 anniversary points every year and as long as your account is active points don't expire.  How could anyone say no to this deal?

Unfortunately the offer I received is no longer available, but they do have other amazing offers just as good. To view the current Southwest Airlines offers or to sign up use this link here.  The current offer you will receive (using this link) is 50,000 Rewards Points after you spend $2,000 in the first 3 months and 3,000 annual anniversary points. It is an amazing deal!  (If you sign up using the link I will receive 10,000 points for referring you) 

I know some of you live debt free and don't want to open a credit card.  No one said you have to charge to the card and not pay it immediately.  It really is such a good deal if you want to take a trip by air.  You can even transfer points to other family members, so if you work it right with those 50,000 points you can essentially take your family on a vacation and fly there for free (all you pay is the 9-1-1 security tax which is less than $12 round trip).  And if your plans change you can always cancel and all your Rewards points get credited back to you with no penalties involved.

What destination will you be traveling to next?