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Mobile Ordering at Disneyland

How to Mobile Order gluten free food at Disneyland.

Starting May 21st Disneyland is offering mobile ordering for select Disneyland and DCA dining spots.  At this moment it is available only to Annual Passholders whom have registered their pass with the Disneyland app, but it will soon be available to all Park guests. 

Before ordering any gluten free food please ask for a Chef consult at Disneyland.  Disneyland menu options, ingredients, and locations are subject to change.  Please do your own research to see if this could be an option for your dietary needs by verifying with chef before consuming.

Disneyland has announced that this mobile order service will be offered at 15 food establishments within the parks.


Bengal BBQ
Galactic Grill
Gibson Girl Ice-cream Parlor
Hungry Bear Restaurant 
Jolly Holiday Bakery cafe
Red Rose Taverne
Tiki Juice Bar
Harbour Galley

Disney California Adventure

Award Wieners
Clarabelle's Hand Scooped Ice cream
Cocina Cucamonga Mexican Grill
Corndog Castle
Flo's v8 cafe
Pacific Wharf Cafe
Smokejumpers Grill
Paradise Garden Grill
Bayside Brews 

One exciting thing that is included in this service is the Food Allergy Menus at select locations. Of course if you have multiple allergies or your food allergy/intolerance is severe you might not want to use this mobile ordering and ask to speak directly with the chef. 
(Cross contamination could be a possibility so order at your own risk.)

I have not yet used this service but as soon as I do I will update this article with my thoughts. Just by looking at the app it looks like it is pretty straightforward process. You select a location, pick up time and then select your food from the menu.  I am told by another guest that there is a separate mobile order window at each eatery to basically skip the regular line to get your food.

I am most excited for this service because when ordering from the Gluten-free menu it often takes a long time to get food as they have to make it special as ordered.  Often everyone else in my group gets their food first and is almost done eating before my food is even at the table. This will give those of us whom order off the allergy menu a chance to eat at the same time as our friends.