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Disney Store Magical Egg Hunt Adventure | 2020

This is blog post is about the Disney Store Magical Egg Hunt Adventure. (May contain affiliate links)

Missing a bit of Disney in your life?

Since the Disney Store is closed you can do this same Magical Egg Hunt at home for FREE. Click here or on Photo below to print out the eggs, a map and a certificate.

Then you can hide the eggs in your home or yard and go on a family hunt together!

Below this line is my article from the one before the Disney Store Closed...........................

Disney Store Currently Closed...... See Above for the FREE at home one.

When: Open everyday from March 13th - April 12th, 2020 
(while supplies last)
Where: US Disney Stores
Cost: $9.99 per hunt
Ages: ages 3+ (adults can play too)

How does the Magical Egg Hunt Adventure work?

You will go to the register and purchase your hunt map. The cost is $9.99 US before tax (Disney Chase Visa card holders get a discount, definitely mention it).  The Cast Member will give you a map with the place holder stickers and directions. Save your receipt you will need it to claim your prize.

I have my Map now what?

Walk around the store and search for various cardboard egg cutouts that look like the Disney characters on your stickers.  Each Egg will have a different number which correlates to where you will place them on your map.

How do I Redeem to Collect the Prize?

Once you have found all 8 of the Disney Eggs and have put all the stickers on your map head back to the Cast Member at the register.  Remember that reciept I told you to hang onto? Show the Cast member your map and the receipt and once verified they will give you a big Mickey Mouse shaped egg.  You may open in the store or later if you prefer.  

Use cation when opening the foil wrapper because there is come extra magic inside (confetti). Inside the foil is a mystery surprise of one of five characters: Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald or Pluto.

What I love about this Magical Egg Hunt Adventure at the Disney Store is that you can participate even if you are an adult.  With the hustle and bustle in life being able to go at your on pace and on your own schedule is very convenient as well.  Some of the Eggs are easy to find, while others I really had to search for.  If you get stuck, don't worry the Cast member will give you a hint to help you out!