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FAQ to Disneyland Gluten Free Menus & Snacks Guides

Frequently Asked Questions about the Disneyland Gluten Free Menus & Snacks Guides 

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Disneyland Dining reservations have gotten more difficult to find, especially for last minute trips and not everyone wants the table service experience. At the request of the Gluten Free Disneyland Community I created an easy Quick Service Checklist. This Disneyland Quick Service Gluten Free  Menus & Snacks Guide will help you save time without the stress of wondering what to eat gluten free at Disneyland.

DISCLAIMER: Before ordering any gluten free food please ask for a Chef consult at Disneyland. Disneyland menu options, ingredients, and locations are subject to change. Please do your own research to see if this could be an option for your dietary needs by verifying with chef before consuming. This Checklist is for personal use only. 

Frequently Asked Questions about the Disneyland Gluten Free Menus & Snacks Guides

What's INCLUDED in the 2024 Guide
  • Gluten Free Quick Service ONLY Menus & Snacks at Disneyland, DCA & Disney Hotels
  • Valid for 2024
  • FREE Email Updates (until November 2024)
  • Safe for all on Gluten Free diet (celiac, allergy, etc)
  • Printer/Mobile Friendly (pdf format)
  • FREE BONUS: NEW Pocket Guide, 50 Tips & Tricks for visiting Disneyland Gluten Free, Character Dining & Monte Cristo ordering info. 

What's NOT INCLUDED in the 2024 Guide:
  • No Seasonal, Special Events or Holiday Menus (dining package, dessert party, etc)
  • No other Food Allergies
  • No Ingredients or Nutritional Information listed
  • No Menus for Downtown Disney District
  • No Menus for Table Service Restaurants 
  • No alcoholic or non alcoholic beverages 

  • What is this?
Guide for Quick Service Gluten Free Menu Options at the Disneyland/DCA Resort Parks & Disney Hotels currently open restaurants.
(Use it in conjunction with the Disneyland App or by itself.)

  • What is Quick Service?
Quick-Service restaurant offers great food and fast service without Dining Reservations. Several of these locations also offer mobile ordering too.

  • How long is this good for?
The Gluten Free Guides are valid for the remainder of 2023 through 2024.

  • How do I download my purchase?

After your purchase payment has cleared, you will receive an email with a link and instructions on how to download. The file is a PDF and I suggest that if you are unfamiliar on how to save a pdf to your mobile device that you save it on a laptop or desktop first then transfer it to your phone.

**Please read the download directions in the email.**

  • What if I accidentally forgot to download, I deleted my email or I didn't receive my copy?
You should have received a link in your receipt to access 5 downloads of your purchase. Clicking on the download link doesn’t automatically save the file to your device. Please read the download instructions before clicking on the link. If you accidentally use all 5 downloads please reach out to me and I will reset it after I verify your purchase.

  • Will you be adding the Holiday or Dessert Party Menus?
No and that is because generally there are not many options if any available.

Please note this guide DOES NOT contain the seasonal holiday gluten free menus or menus for special events, for example; Christmas, Dining Packages, Dessert Party, Food & Wine Festivals, Halloween,etc…

  • Why don’t you include the Table Service sit down reservation only restaurant menus?

The reason why sit down is not included because the majority of them do not have an allergy menu. They prefer you talk with the chef on site for them to make accommodations. The ones that do have an allergy menu it’s never consistent and always changing.

List of Table Service restaurants
(Not in the guide)


  • Plaza inn (for Character breakfast only)
  • Carnation Cafe
  • Riverbelle Terrace
  • Cafe Orleans 
  • Blue Bayou 
  • Oga’s cantina


  • Carthay Circle & Lounge
  • Wine country trattoria 
  • Lamplight lounge
  • Magic key Terrace

Disney Hotels:
Napa Rose
Storytellers cafe
Princess Breakfast
Goofy's Kitchen
GCH craftsman Bar
Trader Sam's Enchanted Tiki Bar

  • Why are Downtown Disney Restaurants not included?

Downtown Disney is constantly changing with restaurants opening and closing. Downtown Disney restaurants are independently owned and do not follow the same allergy protocols as Disneyland does. Sometimes there is a higher risk with cross contact,  it’s best you speak with these restaurants directly.

  • Is this list Celiac Safe?
Yes it is safe, however, I highly encourage you to discuss your concerns with the chef before ordering. 

  • Where did you get this information?
I got most of the gluten free menu information from Disneyland directly both in the app/website, in person dining experiences and speaking with the chefs.

  • How is this different than what I can find on my own in the Disneyland app?
This guide was created for those who prefer the convenience of having a pre-made list instead of searching through each restaurant menu to figure out what is gluten free. Snacks, cross contact information and my personal notes, tips & tricks are NOT listed in the Disneyland app. 

  • When will you Update it?
Between now and November 2024 if there are any updates everyone who purchased the Guide will receive free email updates to the this issue only. However, when 2024 ends this one will not be updated for FREE anymore and the 2025 issue will be available to those who want to purchase it.

  • Is it Refundable?
NO. Due to this being a Digital Product there are NO REFUNDS. All sales are Final.

  • What is the Extra Bonus Material Included?
FREE BONUS: NEW Pocket Guide, 50 Tips & Tricks for visiting Disneyland Gluten Free, Character Dining & Monte Cristo ordering info.

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