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My first time using Uber & without a smartphone

I recently took a trip to Disneyland by myself. In the past I have gone with my family and we often used other forms of transportation like car rental,taxi or a shuttle service.  Since Uber is now allowed to pick up and drop off at John Wayne Airport I wanted to give it a try.

Before my trip I signed up for Uber using a referral link which gave me a free ride credit to my account.  I don't currently have a smart phone but I do have an iPod touch which basically is like having a smart phone.  I connected to the airport wifi once I got to the end of the terminal. Once there I opened the app and requested my car.  Before you request the car you select your terminal and column number.  My Uber driver arrived very fast, maybe less than 5 minutes.  He dropped me off at the main gate at Disneyland.  Before my referral credit my ride was $13.

The ride was wonderful.  We had a nice conversation and the car was clean and comfortable and the best part was I didn't have to share with any other passengers.  On my way back I connected to the Disneyland Hotel wifi and requested my ride.  My next driver and ride was just as pleasant as my 1st one. Before using any credits I had on my account my ride was $16.  The price varies depending on the time of day and the traffic.  Before you even request the ride you can get a fair estimate which is very accurate.

 I highly recommend using Uber for transportation to/from airport in the Disneyland/Orange County area.  Heck my next trip even to my own airport I think I am going to user Uber instead of depending on family to drop me off. If you are not currently using Uber sign up by using this UBER link and when you take your 1st ride you too will have a credit to use.