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Gluten free eating at Disney California Adventure



My family and I are frequent visitors to Disneyland and Disney's Calfornia Adventure Parks.  While yes we love Disney, we also love that Disney is extremely accommodating to people with food allergies and dietary restrictions. In the past we have eaten at the parks with restrictions of gluten free, dairy free and soy free, but at this point we are now only gluten free.

Over the years Disney has changed policies. They used to have a list you would have to pick up at City hall that told you which locations that offered gluten free and what to order.  Now the chefs and staff are trained to accommodate allergies at every food location. Some of the locations even have a separate gluten free menu.

On this particular trip I was only in the park for one meal which ended up being a very late lunch. I ended up stopping at Boardwalk Pizza & Pasta in Disney California Adventure. I ordered an individual  gluten free pepperoni pizza. The staff asked my allergies and wrote down my order and info on an order form. When the pizza was done it came out directly from the back delivered from the chef. It never had any cross contact with the area other people pick up their food.

I love Disney's pizzas. They are crispy and cheesy. My pizza is cooked just the right amount which in my experience is not always an easy task as gluten free crusts can be unpredictable. I enjoyed my late lunch and highly recommend it to other gluten free folks.