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Eatting out allergy free in San Francisco

I went on a mini vacation to San Francisco for a few days with my mom. We stayed at a hotel near Pier 39. I did a little bit of research but not much. Like I always do I brought snacks and fruit to eat for breakfast and in between meals. I was surprised Trader Joes was around the block to buy some food too.

On our first night we ate at Bubba Gumps. I asked for the gluten free menu and was given a nice laminated copy. I expressed my other allergy concerns to my server and he went to check to make sure the dish I ordered was also free of dairy. I ordered the shrimp screwers with rice. It was super yummy and I had no reactions.

The next day we ate lunch at Rainforest Cafe. They don't have a gluten free menu but the chef came out to help me figure out what to order. I decided to go with the cob salad minus the dressing and no cheese. I was a bit disappointed because my meal came out with a slice of bread in the plate touching the salad. It makes me feel they are not that aware of the seriousness of food allergies. I should have made a fuss but I didn't so I just removed the bread and several pieces of lettuce that touched it. After my server finally brought me some oil and vinegar I was able to enjoy my meal. I'd say it was an ok meal, not anything to brag about though. I am happy to report I did not get sick either. My next meals I just got in n out burger and fries and also ate some of the snacks I had from home.

Overall it was a good short trip and I am so happy I was able to stay healthy despite the cross contamination issues I encountered.