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Allergy free eating at Disneyland

Well Disney never disappoints those of us with food allergies. My last trip was 2 years ago and the food got better this time. I typically bring my own breakfast so this entry will just be the lunches & dinners I ate over the 4 days. All of my meals the chef came out to go over the menu and my allergies to gluten, milk and soy.

Day 1- for lunch I ate at Paradise Cafe in California Aventure. I had the chicken skewer plate with rice and a cucumber salad. It was delisicious; the chicken had a really nice flavor and was moist. For dinner we ate at the Tangaroa Cafe at the Disneyland Hotel. I was still full from lunch so I ate light and had a kids meal which had a bun less meat patty with fruit.

Day 2- lunch I ate at the Jolly Holiday at Disneyland. I had a turkey sandwich on a roll with chips. It was super yummy and the roll was large. For dinner we headed back over to DCA to Taste Pilots. Again still being full from lunch I ate a kids meal burger but this time we got fries. It took a little longer to get the fries but that is because they made them fresh in a separate fryer.

Day 3- lunch was the same place and same meal as day 2 but this time the bun was much smaller. The chef told me they ran out of the bigger bun and they got new ones in, it was still good though just smaller. For dinner we ate in downtown Disney at the ESPN zone. While they don't yet have a special gluten free or food allergy menu the chef came to our table to assure they could make me a great meal. I ordered a burger protein style with some fruit. It was yummy too!

Day 4- lunch and dinner at the same place because I liked it so much. I ate at Flo's v-8 cafe in DCA. I had the turkey dinner with peas & carrots, cranberry sauce, coleslaw and a roll. Omg it was so yummy. I loved the slaw, it was made much different than any slaw I've ever had. And the cranberry sauce was so yummy with a citrus twist. The turkey was cooked perfectly and the food was such a huge serving both times I couldn't finish it all. And the roll was a familiar brand Udi's and it was the multi grain one it was ok.

Overall I am pleased with the food. I am happy to report I did not get sick at all. My son also ate similar food as me too. He did get hot dogs instead of turkey sandwich and loved them. They also had huge chocolate chip cookies prepackaged by a brand called OMG gluten free but it is not casein free so I did not chance it i did allow my son to eat one and he liked it! I also got a celiac list from guest services which told me which places to go to and what to order for gluten free. It is easy to accommodate the food to be soy and casein free as well.