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Atlanta, GA eating GFCFSF

Well I started my journey in Peach Tree City at the Dolce Hotel for a conference.  I had been in contact with my conference director and she assured me that the hotel could accommodate my needs.  As the weeks got closer I was put in touch with the head chef at the dolce.  We communicated via email and he assured me he knew quite a bit about gluten,dairy and soy allergies.  I went ahead and gave him some suggestions of foods we like and brands.  To my surprise he bought pretty much everything on my list.  When I arrived I met him in the kitchen and he took me around to show me how the food was stored and prepped and then we went over the menu.

On the first night I selected chicken,rice and veggies for dinner and sorbet for desert.  The chicken was so yummy as well as the veggies and rice.  Peach sorbet was quite the treat I have never had that flavor.  The staff was also very helpful.  They came out to make sure we liked our food several times, at one point it was kinda overkill of checking on us but I do appreciate it.

Day two for breakfast we had waffles and fruit.  The waffles were not that great but I think it just happened to be the brand (Vans), the staff apologized and offered to bring us something else but we were ok with fruit and udi's muffins. Lunch we ordered grilled cheese (with daiya uncheese),fruit and rice.  OMG it was so yummy my grilled cheese never taste this good! Dinner we had steak, chicken,potatoes and carrots.  The steak was a tad rare for my taste but that was my fault for not requesting well done.  We opted not to have desert that time.  During the day we snacked on food we brought from home and enjoy life cookies they bought for us.

Day three for breakfast we had eggs,fruit, bacon and Udi's toasted bagel. Lunch we opted for the grilled cheese again but this time with fries and fruit. Dinner I had pasta and garlic toast and my son had a cheeseburger and fries.  All the food was great and so was the service.  There was supposed to be one more meal the next day but we overslept and missed breakfast time before it was time for us to check out.

The remander of our trip we were in the downtown Atlanta area and we chose to eat at familiar chains like chick fil a and wendys.  Wendy's kept messing up when we would request no bun but they would fix it for us.  Overall we had a great trip and the food was great!