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DIY Tsum Tsum Display

Now that your Tsum Tsum vinyl collection is growing what do you do with all these? How do you store them in a creative way that they won't collect dust?

 First I went to Pinterest to gather ideas. When my search came up empty I asked other Disney fans for suggestions.  I am going to share with you the two ideas I have tried.

This is a box that I found on Amazon that has several levels & a dust proof lid. This can be used also for bigger items like the Pop Funko too.  The problem I had is the larger Tsum vinyls had to be in a middle row or I could not put the lid on. Anytime someone bumped my bookshelf my neat stacks fell over. It is a good solution for the blind bags and small vinyls.


I can't take full credit for my next idea which I saw in a Tsum Tsum group on facebook.  This is actually a display case for shot glasses but it happens to be the perfect size for Tsum vinyl stacks. I purchased this at Micheals craft store (use a coupon to get it even cheaper). The front glass is actually a door with a hinge on the side, easy to open/close without knocking your stacks over.  I decided to mount mine on the wall but you can actually put it on a bookshelf or tabletop too.


Hope you found these two ideas helpful. How do you display your favorite treasures & trinkets?

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