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Disney Collecting & Trading

Many Disney fanatics like to collect Disney related items. Many Disney fans also like to trade with other collectors.  Here are 3 of my favorite Disney items to collect and trade:

#1- The Classic Pins & Pennies

The classics that will never go out of style are Disney trading pins and pressed Park pennies.  What I like about these items is they they are small and easy to store without taking up too much space.  One cool thing about the Pins is you can trade with anyone, especially with Cast Members at the Disney Parks.

#2- Tsum Tsums

What started out as an app has turned into a hot trend.  Tsum Tsums come in all shapes, sizes & materials.  Once they sell out it gets harder to find specific ones, like for example Celia (from Monsters Inc) is highly sought after.

#3- Vinylmations

One item I use to collect is Disney Vinylmations.  The cool thing about Vinylmations is they are shaped like Mickey Mouse but each have a different theme. Downtown Disney used to allow you to trade but they decided to stop trading. Vinylmations so they are getting harder to find because Disney is no longer making new ones.

Remember you don't have to have a big collection to be a Disney fantastic collector either.  What kind of Disney related items do you have in your collection?