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Run Disney Virtual Running Shorts Race 2016

I admit I am not a huge exercise fanatic and I am certainly far from being a runner.  That being said I typically do not participate in any races.  Being the huge disney fanatic I am I was interested when it was announced by Run Disney that they were offering a series of Virtual Running Shorts 5K races.

Virtual Race, what is that?  Basically you run/walk/jog the race within a certain time frame at your own pace.  You can complete it all at once or break it up over the week.  I like that idea, but what I liked more is I could complete this race at my gym or even by walking in my neighborhood away from crowds!

This Run Disney Virtual Running Shorts allowed you to sign up for 1 or all 3 races for a set fee.  Each race had a time frame to complete and was all completely on the honor system if you actually completed or not.  (You never had to show proof you completed either.) About a month after the race a beautiful race medal was mailed to you.  Each Race had a medal with a different theme.

I enjoyed participating in this race.  I really like the idea of a Virtual Race and being able to complete it when it is convenient for me.  I really hope Run Disney brings this back again next year!