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Sprinkles Gluten Free Cupcakes (Review)

Last year a cupcake shop opened in Downtown Disney in Anaheim, California called Sprinkles.  I had heard everyone ranting and raving how awesome these cupcakes were.  After some investigation on their website I saw they offered gluten free cupcakes too.  I knew on my next trip to Disneyland I had to stop by and give it a try.

I visited the Anaheim location located in Downtown Disney.  The employees were very friendly and the shop was clean with a beautiful display of all the cupcakes.  They don't have a large variety of cupcakes but they often have at least 1 flavor a day that is gluten-free.  On the day I went they had two flavors Lemon Blueberry and Red Velvet.

I was excited to try both of these flavors so I got both and had them boxed up for my flight home.  When I got home I was too tired and not hungry so I saved them for the next day.  I wasn't given any instructions on how to store them so I left them in the box on my counter.  The Red Velvet has a G and the Lemon Blueberry has a star on top.

The next day I opened the box to taste test each flavor.  After taking my photos I cut both of the cupcakes in half for my sample.  I tried the Lemon Blueberry one first.  The cake was fluffy and surprising not dried out at all.  There was a good helping of blueberries and the lemon flavor was very faint.  Now the icing I was not a fan at all. I did take a big bite and it had a horrible aftertaste.  Not sure how to describe it other than it was gross, maybe almost like spoiled milk it the best description I could give.

Next I tried the Red Velvet gluten free cupcake.  Because of taste test reaction of the previous cupcake I was very hesitant to even try the frosting.  The cake was also fluffy and very fresh with a good texture and taste.  I did take one for the team and tried the frosting, it wasn't as bad as the Lemon Blueberry cupcake but I still wasn't a fan.  At least this frosting didn't seem to taste like spoiled milk or leave that bad of an aftertaste.  

I ended up with a stomach ache the rest of the day, I'm not entirely sure it was from the cupcakes though but an odd coincidence right?  The next day I ate the other half of both cupcakes but not the frosting at all.  At this point it was probably 2-3 days since they were baked and they were just starting to get a little firm but totally edible still.

Overall, I don't really get the hype of the cupcakes from Sprinkles.  Maybe the non gluten free ones taste much better?  While the taste and texture of the gluten free cake was good, the frosting was gross and who wants to eat just a cupcake with no frosting? I probably would not try them again.