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Text Reminders For Your Elf

Do you have an Elf on the Shelf? Sometimes Elves need a little reminder to report back to Santa. Did you know there was a text alert club?

What is Elf on The Shelf?

Elf on the Shelf is an adorable Elf which you adopt from an adoption center and he/she comes with a book telling the story of the Elf on the Shelf.  Your Elf will report back to Santa at night and then return back to your home. During the day your Elf  will hide in plain sight at your home and not move.

Important Rule

Children must not touch their Elf or your Elf will loose his/her Magic to be able to return to the North Pole to report to Santa.
If you accidentally touch your Elf don’t worry here are some suggestions from the Elf on Shelf website:

Why do the Elves go to a new spot each day?

Some Elves like to be mischievous and hide in a new spot each day. It’s also possible that your Elf was on his/her way to their favorite spot but got interrupted by someone and they had to freeze.  If your Elf doesn’t move spots that’s ok because some Elves like to return back to their favorite spot.

Why does my Elf need a text alert?

Sometimes your Elf will need a Friendly reminder that it is time to report back to Santa. Since your Elf doesn’t have a cell phone an adult will be able to help your Elf sign up for text alerts on their phone.

Text the word " ELF " to 1(318) 935-3408 to sign up for text alert reminders for your Elf to report to Santa. (Santa is super busy and more than likely will not be able to reply to personal texts back)

Elf on the Shelf will soon become a fun family tradition everyone in the family will enjoy year after year.  Even though my kids are now grown they still enjoy our Elf  coming to visit our home each Christmas season.

(I can’t take credit for the text alert for your Elf, but I have been using it for the past couple years. For more information on the text alert club please visit MYDE facebook page)