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1 Day ticket at Disneyland

One thing I hear often from people is how can you make the most of only 1 day at Disneyland? I’m actually a annual season pass holder but most of my trips are just for the day. I wanted to share my tips on how to make the most of 1 day pass at Disneyland.

Pick your Park
First off decide which park you actually want to do more rides in. You can go to both but I will warn you your feet will be very tired of walking. It is up to you if you have the extra money then go ahead and spring for a park hopper day pass. In my opinion if you are only there for the day or even 1/2 a day it is better to make the most of 1 Park.

Pre-trip Time management 
You need to decide how long you can stay in the park.  I know I don’t have the energy to go to Disneyland from opening to closing so I will generally just plan for a 6 hr day.  You can certainly accomplish a lot in the day even if you are only there for 6 hrs.

Download Disneyland App
Before you go to Disneyland download the Disney app. It is the best app to give you ride wait times.  I often browse the app at home to get an idea of what rides might generally have longer waits. 

If you happen to be at the Parks on a somewhat busy day it has been recommended to me to buy the Maxpass. Maxpass is the new fast pass system that you have to pay for but it saves so much time & energy (saves you from extra walking).  I haven’t tried it yet but my daughter says it is worth every penny.

Buy Park tickets before you go
Buy your park ticket ahead of time either online from Disneyland website or elsewhere. This will save you time from standing in the ticket line. An eticket or paper ticket is something you can take straight to the gate.

Check Disneyland App 
Once you are at Disneyland you can look at the app to plan out your day. Or you can do like I do and just wing it. I will typically try to make sure I ride the rides that tend to have long lines when I first arrive. 

Single rider 
If you are at the park with your family/friends and don’t mind riding without them be sure to hop in the various single rider lines.  

Fast pass
Use can use both the traditional fast pass and max pass at the same time. This will give you more opportunities to ride the rides that offer fast passes. The only downside is you will physically need to scan your ticket or app to get fast passes at the ride (unlike the max pass).

Quick Service food
Don’t forget to eat & stay hydrated. Often you can get so busy having fun when you realize it is 2pm and you haven’t had lunch. I’d suggest stopping by for lunch at one of the quick service spots. You don’t need a reservation for a table; you often order your food & get it similar to a fast food establishment. 

Food allergies 
If you are ordering gluten free or another food allergy it takes a little extra time to prepare but it is still faster than a sit down style restaurant. One time I ordered my gluten free food and while I waited I rode a ride in the same area that had a 5 minute wait, when I got back my food was ready.

If shopping is important to you make sure you manage your time to allow for browsing in the stores.  I always want to shop but I get so busy on the rides I end up not always allowing enough time.  This might be a good thing for my pocketbook if I’m too tired to shop.

At the end of my day at the parks I like to have my ride pick me up at the Disneyland Hotel. The Disneyland Hotel has a clean restroom, a less crowded gift shop and very comfy chairs to sit in while waiting for your ride.