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Build Your Disney Family Decal for FREE

Have you ever wondered what your family would look like as Disney Parks Stick figures?  Well guess what you can create your very own Disney Parks Decal of your family for free!

By going to this link, you can create your very own Build Your Disney Family Decal of your family for free.  Not only can you create it and download it for free but Disney will mail you a printed decal for free too! (*limit one per household, while supplies last)

After visiting the site you can start to create your decal with a few simple steps.  My suggestion is to plan ahead of time which order you want your family members, because you can not change the order easily without having to delete people or starting over completely.

Select your character whether it be a pet, toddler, child, teen or an adult.

Now you can create their signature looks from the different tabs. Each tab has several items of hair styles, hats, clothing etc.. that you can choose from.  

You can only choose one from each category. For example your character can't be holding a balloon and a Mickey ice-cream in each hand, you have to pick one that you feel best represents that character.

You can even choose facial hair and sunglasses for your characters.

After you have finished creating your family you move onto choosing a background of one the the parks.

Next you have the option to name your family and select one of the three phrases available or if you prefer you can skip this step.  My personal suggestion is if this decal sticker will be placed on your car that you might want to not put your real family name "The Smith Family" on it to protect your privacy.

The next step is to download the decal as an image that you can share with your friends and family online.

If the option is still available (USA residents only), you can proceed to the ordering of your free printed decal.  It is a general form to fill out with name, address and email.  It does say in the fine print limit one per household.

Your customized decal will arrive in 4 - 6 weeks. I am excited to see my family decal sticker.

Create your own now.