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Disneyland Raises Ticket Prices

On February 11, 2018 Disneyland Resort Parks raised ticket and Annual Passport prices.  Some of the tickets only increased by a few dollars while the Annual Passports went up significantly in price.

Here is a price comparison in ticket prices from 2017 to 2018 at the Disneyland Park Resort. 

Here are some things you need to know about the new Annual Passports at Disneyland.

* There is NO longer renewal discounts for Annual Passports.

*  Current Annual Passholders (if you choose to renew) you will renew at the new prices when your current pass expires (no grandfathering in).

*  You can renew your Annual Pass 40 days before it expires.

*  If you recently purchased or renewed an Annual Pass and are using the monthly payment option, your monthly payment price will remain the same until your pass expires.

*  The SoCal Select AP (for Southern California residents only) is available for new and renewals.

*  Monthly payment options are only valid for California residents.

*  The initial down payment has increased from $97 to $147 for those in California using the monthly payment plan option.

For more information on Annual Pass options and blackout dates for each pass visit Disney Parks website.