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Google Home Disney Games

Have you ever wished you could play a game with your favorite Disney characters?  Jump start your imagination by playing these fun Disney games on the Google home mini.  It is like having your favorite characters come to life and interact with you in your own home via this speaker!

The Google home mini is a speaker with voice assistance via google.  It is easy to set up with an existing google account.  There are a variety of things you can do like asking for recipes, setting a time, playing games and so much more.  Disney Family has teamed up with Google to bring some fun interactive games for the whole family to enjoy.

They are easy to access, you just need to decide which one you would like to start with.  Here is a list of the Disney games I have discovered.  To begin a game here is what you say, “Hey Google, play __________. “  Fill in the blank with the name of the game which I will list for you below.

Mickey Mouse Magic Show

Belle’s Castle Adventure

Star Wars Trivia Challenge

Cars Adventure

Mickey Mouse Space and Sea

Toy Story Freeze Dance

Disney Princess

Maui’s Music Game

Each game or activity is different with step by step directions on how to play the game. I will let you discover the fun of each game on your own.  If you would like a preview of the games before you play you can always visit the Disney Family website for full  description of each game along with a video.