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Toy Story 4 Forky Hat

DIY your own Toy Story 4 Forky character Hat.

photo: Pixar/Disney

Toy Story 4 is available in theaters beginning June 21st, 2019.  One of the new characters in the film is a Spork named Forky.  Forky is confused about this new world and he isn't sure how he fits in.  Is he a toy or is he an eating utensil? Before the film even released Forky has been quite popular with the Pixar, Disney and Toy Story fans.

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I thought of a brilliant idea to create your own Forky Hat to wear in celebration of the release of the Toy Story 4 film.  This idea could easily be used for a costume party as well (which I might just use this fall).

Do it Yourself Toy Story 4 Forky Hat

Supplies Needed

White HatWhite Felt (2 sheets)Black Felt (1 sheet)Red pipe cleaner (3 needed)Red Chenille Pipe cleaner (slightly bigger than standard one, 1 needed)Blue Chenille Pipe cleaner (slightly bigger than standard one, 1 needed)Hot Glue gun with hot glue sticksScissorsWhite thread & needle

These supplies can be found at both Micheal's Craft Store and the Dollar Tree.  I actually bought the hat at Michael's and the pipe cleaners at Dollar Tree (the rest I had on hand already).  I also downloaded a photo of Forky from the Internet to use as my guide.

DO NOT START gluing the pieces on the hat yet!

Forky's eyes are kinda wonky.  One eye is very oversized and the other is smaller.  I used a cup and a lid of different sizes to trace out the white parts of the eyes and then cut them out.

For the back part it isn't quite as large as the white.  I just eye balled it (hehehe) until the size and shape looked right.  Then I hot glued the black part on the white, but put them off centered (think googly eyes).

For his mouth I used the blue chenille pipe cleaner and created an O shape.

Forky has 1 red eyebrow, so that is pretty easy to create with the red pipe cleaner.

For the spork part I folded the piece of white felt in half and drew out the shape of the top of a spork with 4 prongs.  After I cut it out I hot glued the edges of spork together.  Having two pieces of felt makes it stronger.

For the arms I took two red pipe cleaners to create Forky's hands and fingers.  Then I cut the red chenille pipe cleaner in half.  I wrapped the hands I made to the end of each of the chenille pieces.  This will be Fork's arms.

NOW it's ALMOST time to HOT GLUE

Well before you begin hot glueing the pieces on the hat figure out where you want everything to go, it doesn't need to be perfect.  After I liked the placement, I started with Forky's spork part on the top of the hat.  I hand stitched the edges of the spork to the top of the hat using the needle and thread.  I didn't go all the way around I just stitched one edge and them moved to the other side of hat and stitched that edge (leaving the middle not attached to hat).

Now it is time to hot glue all the pieces on.  You can use the Forky photo as an guide or get creative and hot glue them how you like.  I did end up putting one small dab of hot glue in the center of the top of hat to help hold the spork part up.  The last step that I did it hot glued the arms to each side of the hat and then bent the arms in a silly way, because well Forky is technically made from art supplies and his arms are not perfect.

Your hat is ready to go, time to put it on.  Enjoy wearing it to go watch Toy Story 4 film, dress up in a Forky inspired costume or even on your next vacation to a Disney Resort Park!