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Mickey & Minnie Mouse Tamago Musubi

This recipe is inspired from my trip to Disney Aulani Resort in Hawaii.

While on vacation at the Disney Aulani Resort & Spa in Hawaii I discovered a quick service snack called Musubi.  Unfortunately the spam used in the Musubi was marinated in a non gluten free soy sauce.  The chef kindly offered to make one without the sauce for me to pick up the following day.  I wasn't a huge fan of the spam but I loved the Mickey inspired snack and ofcorse the cute Wishable stuffed toy too.

Shortly after I returned home from my trip, I discovered on Instagram that Aulani was now making a Minnie Mouse Musubi but it was called Tamago.  After a bit of googling I discovered Tamago is a Japanese style of cooked egg.  This gave me the inspiration to recreate this at home.

*Keep in mind this is not the authentic Japanese dish, but rather my American take on it with ingredients I had at home.


Tamago Japanese style cooked egg (google for directions how to make)
Furikake Seasoning
Room Temp Cooked Rice
Nori Seaweed Snack
Kitchen Sciccers
Mickey Mouse Cookie Cutter

*Optional Ingredients:
Garnish: Fruit roll up or other thin fruit 
Tiny star shape fruit cutter (often used in Bento Box designs)
Lunch meat or if you prefer Spam


1.   Make the Tamago and set aside to cool.  I did a simple search on google how to make Tamago.  I found several easy videos on youtube, you don't need to buy a rectangle pan unless you want to.  I used a small 1 egg pan I already had.

2.   Prepare your Rice and let it cool in fridge until it is room temp.  I actually prefer to use Jasmine Rice that is frozen from Trader Joe's.

3.   When Rice and Egg are cooled you are ready to assemble.

4.  Slightly oil the cookie cutter with the leftover from the egg or you can spray it with Cooking oil.

5.   Slightly wet your fingertips with water before touching the rice (you will have to repeat this so rice doesn't stick to your fingers).

6.   With your cookie cutter on a flat surface, gather some rice and push it in the side of the Mickey Mouse cookie cutter, filling it to the top with rice and pat it down.

7.   Very slowly lift up the cookie cutter with 1 hand while your other hand is very slightly pushing on the rice to help it keep the Mickey Mouse shape.

8.   Cut your egg into a small square and place it onto of the bottom half of the Mickey Mouse shaped Rice.

9.   Cut a thin strip of the Nori seaweed and slightly dampen your finger tips just before you place it onto the egg with it slightly covering the side of the rice.  It should look like the egg is wearing a belt.

10.   Sprinkle the Furikake seasoning in both of the Mickey Mouse rice ears

Optional Steps:

Cut a star or any shape you like to recreate Minnie Mouse bow, place it off to the side near 1 ear or a bow in the center between both ears.

You can also use lunch meat or spam instead of the Tamago if you want to create a different look between Mickey and Minnie Musubi.