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Recreate Disneyland Churro | Gluten Free

This is a recipe inspired by Disney Parks Blog Churro Minis but with a gluten free twist.
FYI this particular recipe will not work for my previous Beignets recipe.

Bibbity-Boppity-Boo do I have a special gluten free Churro just like Disneyland's to make at home for you!

What is a Churro you ask?

According to Disneyland a churro is a "pastry wand of fried dough" with a cinnamon and sugar coating.  These delicious treats can be found in various carts at Disneyland Resort Parks, however, they are not gluten free!  I created a somewhat simple gluten free recipe for you to have a bit of Disney Magic in your own kitchen! I'm told by my non gluten free taste testers this tastes like the real thing!


Pamela's Gluten Free Bread Mix (make dough in advance per the Stand Up mixer instructions)
Gluten Free Flour
3 TBSP Granulated White Sugar
1 Tsp Cinnamon 
Canola Oil (for frying)
Candy Thermometer
Stovetop burner
3- 1 Gallon sized Ziplock plastic bags
Plate lined with paper towel
Medium Saucepan
Kitchen Scissors 
Star Tip preferably one with a clamp to hold in place (typically used for cake decorating)


1.   Begin by making the Pamela's Gluten Free Bread Mix per the Sand Up Mixer Instructions by combining oil, eggs, water, yeast  and mix together. (If you don't have a stand up mixer I assume you could use a handheld one or stir by hand it will take a lot longer. The dough is very sticky)

2.    After you make the dough leave it in the bowl and let it rise for 60 to 90 minutes at room temp.  It will rise 2x to 3x its size so make sure it is in a big enough bowl.

3.   In your saucepan add the Canola oil filling about 1/4 to 1/2 of the saucepan.  Place candy thermometer inside of saucepan.  Turn on burner to low-medium heat.  Wait until it reaches 350 degrees.

4.   Pour a thin coat of gluten free flour on your counter and your hands.

5.   Remove dough and place it on your counter.  I found it easier to break it into 4 pieces.  This dough is extremely sticky.

6.   Cut a small corner off each of your two of your ziplock bags. Place your Star tip inside the bag and clamp in place.  

7.   Take a generous amount of the dough and place it inside the bag pushing it all the way down to your corner with the star tip.

8.   Then put the 2nd ziplock bag over the first bag with the star tip going through the hole you previously cut.

9.   Lightly twist both bags together making sure the dough is tightly pushed to the corner by the tip.

10.   Once your oil is over 350 degrees,  lightly squeeze your bag over the saucepan until you have 1 to 2 inch dough, cut off dough with kitchen scissors and let it drop into the hot oil.

11.   Repeat step 11 until you have several pieces in your pan.

12.   Cook for about 3 minutes until they are a light to dark golden brown.

13.   Remove mini churro pieces with tongs and place on the plate lined with paper towel.

14.   While they are cooling, combine the sugar and cinnamon in a new plastic ziplock bag.

15.   After they have slightly cooled place the churro bites into the sugar mix and shake.  Remove from bag and enjoy.

My best tip is to eat these right away because they will loose their crunch after they have been sitting for a couple hours.

I'm not sure how many this makes because I made a huge bowl full and I still had over 1/2 my dough left over.  I decided to make some mickey shaped donuts with some of the extra dough, toss them in the cinnamon sugar and they were delicious!  You can also refrigerate leftover dough as long as it is tightly sealed in saran wrap.  Dough will be good for 48 hours. 

One last Pro Tip: This particular recipe will not work for my previous Beignets recipe, this dough is very thick and sticky.

Click on image below for the full printable recipe!