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How to Recreate Disneyland's Mickey Shaped Beignets | Gluten Free

How to recreate Disneyland's Beignets Gluten Free recipe.

Mickey Shaped Beignets are the all time favorite snack among Disneyland Resort Park Guests; however, these delectable treats are not gluten free in California.⁣

With all this extra time on my hands I tested out an idea using a Gluten Free pizza crust mix, Mickey Mouse cookie cutter and let me just say I totally get the Beignet hype now!⁣

Who wants the recipe?

Supplies & Ingredients Needed:

*  Pamela's Gluten Free Pizza Crust Mix  (follow directions to make dough ahead of time)
*  Powdered Sugar
*  Canola Oil (for frying)
*  Cooking Oil Spray
*  Gluten Free All Purpose flour
*  Mickey Mouse Shaped cookie cutter (I bought a set at the park that is small in size)
*  Pizza cutter
*  Brown Paper bag
*  Candy Thermometer
*  Tongs
*  Rolling pin
*  Small Sauce pan
*  Stove top cooking surface
*  Plate lined with a paper towel 


1.   First start out by following the directions to make the dough on the pre packaged Pamela's Gluten Free Pizza Dough Mix (mix includes a yeast packet and you will need to add oil and water in a large mixing bowl or stand up mixer)

2.    I covered my dough and put in in the refrigerator overnight.  Then I took it out and let it sit at room temp 2 hours before I started to make the beignets.

3.   Once my dough reached room temp, I sprayed my hands with the cooking oil spray and rubbed my palms together before picking up the dough.  I also lightly floured my counter top with a gluten free flour.

4.   I put the dough on the counter to transfer some of the flour to both sides.  I began to shape it into a large ball.

5.   Put the dough on the floured counter and use the pizza cutter to create 8 equal pieces.  Similar as if you were cutting a pizza into slices.

6.   Pick up 1 dough slice at a time and roll into a ball. Once you have a ball shape set it on the counter off to the side.

7.   Repeat the step above until you have 8 dough balls.

   Wash your hands with soap and water or wipe off on a clean dry towel before next step.

8.   Next step is to prepare the oil.  Grab your sauce pan and pour the canola oil inside the sauce pan (about 1/4 to half way full).

9.  Place your candy thermometer into the sauce pan and make sure it is submerged into the oil.

10.  Turn on your stovetop burner to low-medium heat and place the saucepan on that burner.

Keep an eye on the thermometer, when it reaches 370 degrees it is ready for dough.  Be careful it doesn't get too hot or your dough will burn!

11.    Lightly flour your counter surface and spray the cooking oil on your hands again.

12.   Use 1 dough ball at a time and slightly flatten it out on your countertop with your hands.  Use the rolling pin to smooth out dough to a 1/4 inch thickness.  Be careful not to roll it too thin or it will not rise in frying oil.  (I haven't tried but it's possible up to a 1/2 inch thick might work too)

13.  Once the dough ball is rolled out use your small Mickey Mouse cookie cutter to cut out the Mickey shape.  Set Mickey shaped dough off to the side.

14.   Continue with steps above to cut out several more Mickey shaped dough pieces.

15.   Once your oil has reached 370 degrees it is ready for your Mickey shaped dough.

16.   Carefully place 1 Mickey shaped dough piece into the hot frying oil.

17.   Watch it closely as soon as you start to see it turn light golden brown flip it over with your tongs.

18.  You may add a 2nd Mickey shaped dough piece at this time while the first one is halfway done.  

Depending on your sauce pan size I don't recommend cooking more than 2 at a time in the hot oil

19.   Once both sides are a light golden brown, carefully use tongs to remove and place on a plate that is lined with a paper towel.

20.   Repeat steps above until you have no more dough left. (I even cooked the leftover pieces by creating a rectangle)

21.   Pour a generous amount of powdered sugar inside your paper bag.

22.   Place a few Mickey shaped cooked dough into the paper bag.

23.   Fold over top of bag and hold it closed with your hand.  

You might want to do this next step over the sink or outside

24.   Now it's time to SHAKE, SHAKE, SHAKE that bag holding it tightly closed.  (repeat the powdered sugar steps until all Mickeys are coated)

   Take out of the bag and it's time to eat your masterpiece!

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