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Disneyland Hotel Steakhouse 55 | Gluten Free Breakfast Review

Gluten Free Breakfast review at the Disneyland Hotel Steakhouse 55 Restaurant. 
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If you are Gluten Free and have never dined at the Disneyland Hotel's Steakhouse 55 Restaurant you are in store for an extra special gluten free treat.  Steakhouse 55 is located inside the Disneyland Resort Hotel right next to the Popular Goofy's Kitchen Character Dining experience.  Steakhouse 55 is a sit down table service restaurant open only for Breakfast and Dinner Service with advance reservation recommended.

I have stayed at the Disneyland Resort Hotel many times but have never had the chance to secure a reservation for breakfast at Steakhouse 55.  However, you do not need to be guest at the hotel or have a Disneyland Resort Park admission to dine here.  I actually did not have a reservation at the time I inquired in person about dining at Steakhouse 55.  I had no problems getting a last minute table, however I was dining by myself on a Friday morning in early March.

Steakhouse 55 has a variety of egg breakfast dishes on their menu, many which are easy to accommodate gluten free.  I believe an allergy menu is available on request, however, I completely forgot to ask for one and just requested to speak with the chef.  The chef came out to my table to go over my gluten free allergy and took my order.

I knew exactly what I wanted, the Giant Mickey Waffle (gluten free of course) and bacon.  Steakhouse 55 is the only restaurant in the Disneyland Resort area that offers a Giant sized Mickey Waffle!  You can check out this article to find out where else you can find Gluten Free Mickey Waffles around the resort as well.

It was suggested to me by another Gluten Free blogger to try the waffle with a side of bananas foster. Banana Foster is sliced banana cooked in a sugar and butter mixture which turns it into a sauce.

The waffle was in fact HUGE!  It had the perfect crunch, golden brown color and it was fully cooked both inside and out.  I first took a bite without the topping and it was delicious.  I then slathered the entire waffle with my side of bananas foster and oh boy I was pleasantly surprised.  It was sweet but not overly sweet and didn't make the waffle soggy.  I am typically one who loves lots of butter and syrup on my waffles but I think bananas foster is my new favorite waffle topping from here on out.  My bacon was a bit disappointing as I prefer a more crispy bacon, I forgot to mention that to the chef so I just let it be.  I was so full from just my waffle, I barely could even eat a slice of the bacon anyways.

Overall, I highly suggest dining at least once at Steakhouse 55 for breakfast.  It can be on the pricer side (my total before tax/tip was $18). It was such a pleasant experience with delicious food.  I don't see the Giant Mickey Waffle listed on the regular menu online and I have heard from other guests while they offer waffles sometimes it is the little ones.  I guess it just depends which waffle iron is available for gluten free batter.  If that is important to you try to get the first or second reservation of the day and maybe ask if Host/Hostess if they can check for you.  I actually did ask the Hostess stand in person about the Giant Mickey waffle if it could be made gluten free and she checked for me and it was yes.