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Disneyland Castle Photo Wall

This is a DIY for a Disneyland castle photo wall display

Do you have a bazillion photos sitting in files on your phone or computer from your previous Disney Vacations?  I certainly have more photos than I know what to do with from all my Disneyland trips over the past 20 years.  Some of my Disneyland photos were on film that I had transferred to cd long before smart phones even existed.

After over 3 years of looking at my blank empty dining room wall, I came across this Instagram post and it gave me the inspiration I needed to recreate this in my home.  Of course I had to put my own Disneyland style to it.

Here is what you will need:

19-  5x7 frames (color of your choice)
1-    8x10 frame (color of your choice)
19-  5x7 printed photos  (7 of the photos will be vertical & 12 horizontal)
1-    8x10 photo (vertical)
Hammer & nails or 3M command strips to hang photos
Level (optional)

Supplies to make the Castle roofs:

Removable Vinyl (light blue & light pink)
Gold Pipe cleaners
Hot Glue
Glue dots or tape

After deciding what photos to have printed you need to decide where you want to place them.  Follow this diagram layout above to know where to place the vertical and horizontal photos to make the castle shape.  The 8x10 is the photo that is a black square and the rest are the 5x7 frames.  I highly suggest laying them out on the floor or table to get a visual of which photo will go where.  The actual space it will potentially take up on your wall is 5 feet wide by 4 feet 3 inches tall.  It all depends on your spacing between each photo.

Now that you have your photos in frames and in the order of your preference you are ready to hang them on your wall.  I didn't exactly measure how far apart each photo was from each other I just eye balled it and used a level to make sure each row lined up straight.  I used nails to attach my photo frames to the wall but the 3M command strips would work well.

My photos are all on the wall and it kinda looks like a Castle but here is where you can make it stand out.  I used both the Instagram post, Disney movie logo and the actual Disneyland Sleeping Beauty Castle as my inspiration for the towers and roofs.  I don't have exact measurements I just drew the templates out freehand.  I made sure what size rectangle/triangles I used on the left was an exact copy on the right side, with the exception to the upper left and top towers.  I made the upper top left tower much smaller than the others to give the further away appearance.  The upper top tower I made much longer and skinnier than the rest as well.

With my templates ready to go I started to trace and cut out the shapes on my vinyl.  Pink and Blue are to represent Disneyland Sleeping Beauty Castle in Anaheim, California.  And just because my husband is a woodworker and had helped me with this project he decided to add a 3D element by cutting out the towers on thin pieces of wood and then adhere the vinyl to the wood.  I wouldn't recommend this step unless you are a skilled woodworker or at least know your way around a table saw.

After placing all the towers in their appropriate spots I decided I wanted to add more embellishments.  I made little flags to go on top of almost all the towers.  I cut the flags out of felt and hot glued a gold pipe cleaner to them.  Then I attached them to the wall on top of the towers with removable glue dots.  I debated on which colors to use for the flags but I decided to use pastel colors and I might even go back and swap them out depending on what holiday I am celebrating.  I have even had the idea to add other elements like fireworks or even some Disney Mickey Balloons flying by.  It is certainly up to you, use your own personal style to match with your decor if you'd like.  

Overall this was a fairly simple project and wasn't too expensive.  It is a great way to print out pictures and show off your favorite Disney Memories with your friends and loved ones.  You can add your own flair and style to it to make it fit your home decor while still bringing a bit of Disney Magic into your home!