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La Brea Bakery Express | Gluten Free | Disneyland

My personal review of gluten free dining at La Brea Bakery Express located just outside the Disneyland Resort Park entrance.

La Brea Bakery Express is located just outside the gates of the Disneyland Resort Park in the Downtown Disneyland District in Anaheim, California.  The Express side of the La Brea Bakery Cafe Restaurant is a quick service dining option, which means no reservations needed.  During the lunch/dinner time they offer a selection of sandwiches, salads and soups that you can take to go.  I was thrilled to discover they now have Gluten Free options to many of their menu offerings.

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DISCLAIMER: Before ordering any gluten free food please ask for a Chef consult. Menu options, ingredients, and locations are subject to change. Please do your own research to see if this could be an option for your dietary needs by verifying with chef before consuming.

La Brea Bakery Express is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner service.  I visited during the lunch service because I wanted to try a sandwich on the gluten free bread.  La Brea Bakery makes their own gluten free bread (off site), it is packaged and available for purchase by the loaf in store.  They have two gluten free bread options a multigrain gluten free bread and a white gluten free bread.  

After speaking with the chef, I felt confident in La Brea Bakery Express process to prepare my sandwich.  I noted the order was an allergy and they walked me through the process they take.  The extra steps they take are to fully clean the separate prep area, use clean utensils and the same chef stays with your order from preparation to delivery.  

Please note this is not a dedicated facility so there are other non gluten free meals being prepared at the same time.  There is always risk of cross contamination when you eat out anywhere so that is something you need to decide for yourself if you feel comfortable with.  In my opinion, the staff  were very knowledgable and cautious with my gluten free order.

After you order your food and pay, you wait outside in the shaded seating area.  It might take a bit longer while you wait because of the extra cleaning procedures and measures they take to ensure your gluten free safety.  It is actually a very nice and spacious outdoor area.  You are welcome to eat there or take your food to go.

On my visit to La Brea Bakery Express, during the lunch time hours, I ordered a Turkey Avocado sandwich on multigrain gluten free bread without chipotle sauce. My sandwich arrived in a sealed container delivered by the chef whom was fabulous to make sure I knew my gluten free order was prepared so lovingly with the extra precautions.  If you order a sandwich you have the option of a side of chips or mixed greens.  I selected chips and I was given a sealed bag potato chips with my sandwich.

The multigrain bread is not what I typically enjoy with some seeds visible.  I was surprised the taste was very good and the texture was quite fluffy as well.  I was given the option to have the sandwich grilled but I chose the not grilled option because that is just my personal preference with sandwiches though.  This bread is definitely good as is and doesn't need to be toasted or grilled, which if you have been gluten free for some time you can relate to some gluten free breads need to be toasted to make them edible.

This Turkey avocado sandwich came with a generous amount of toppings and meat inside.  It was so filling I ended up saving my chips to eat later.  The chips were delicious as well.  They were a brand I am not familiar with Deep River Snacks Original sea salt Kettle chips.  I felt confident eating them with the certified gluten free and non gmo labels.  The ingredients were very simple and clean as well.

I enjoyed this sandwich so much that I returned the next day to order the same thing but this time on the gluten free white bread.  On my second visit I had the same wonderful customer service and care for my order.  In my personal opinion, I would pick the gluten free white bread over the gluten free multigrain (personal preference both are delicious).  I will definitely be returning again and I would highly recommend eating at La Break Bakery Express if you are gluten free.

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