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Mickey Pumpkin Pillow | Tutorial | DIY

 Mickey Pumpkin Pillow DIY tutorial. May contain affiliate links.

It's time to decorate for the Spooky Season.  I don't know about you but there was a Mickey Pumpkin Pillow I really wanted on ShopDisney but it sold out.  I came up with an easy idea to recreate my own Mickey Pumpkin Pillow from home.


Felt Sheets (2 Orange, 3 black & 1 green)


Hot Glue Gun w/glue

Hand Needle

Black Embroidery thread

White Chalk

Pumpkin Template

Circular Object (like a plastic lid)

Poly-fil stuffing

I started out by tracing a pumpkin shape with the chalk on both of my orange pieces of felt and cut them out.  One will be the front and the other the back side of the pillow.  I used a wooden pumpkin decoration as my template but I would suggest maybe printing one out and then tracing it.  My pieces didn't exactly match up so I had to trim it a bit.

Next I used my circle shape that is large enough to be the Mickey Mouse Ear and traced out 4 of them on the black felt and cut them out.  Save your scraps of felt you will need them later.

With the hot glue I glued closed both Mickey ears but let the bottom un glued.  Now it is time to stuff the ears with the poly-fil stuffing.  Then hot glue it closed.

Now it is time to figure out where you want to place the ears on the pumpkin.  Once you have it where you like, very lightly glue the bottom part of the ear to only 1 of the pumpkin felt cut out.  It should be at a spot where most of the ear will be showing but part of it will be covered in the inside of the pumpkin.

It is time to hot glue the edges of the pumpkins together but leave the bottom open so that you have room to stuff.  Stuff your pumpkin as much as you'd like with the poly fiber stuffing.  Once done very lightly hot glue it closed.

The hot glue closure doesn't have to be perfect, you can be missing spots.  If I were to do this project again I would actually use less hot glue.

The next step is to thread your needle with the black embroidery thread and loop stitch all along the edges of the pumpkin and the Mickey ears by hand.

I almost forgot the stem.  Get your green felt and cut a long rectangle. Fold the rectangle in half and start to stitch it closed with the black thread, make sure to add a bit of stuffing inside.  Next attach the stem to the top of the pumpkin.

Now we are at the final step, Pumpkin Mickey's face.  I looked at a picture online and by hand just recreated the eyes, nose and mouth out of the black felt scraps.  I cut them out, then hot glued it onto the front of my pillow.

And there you go, you have your very own Mickey Pumpkin Pillow!