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Oogie Boogie Wall Decor | DIY

Oogie Boogie Wall Decor DIY (this post may contain affilate links)

It's that time of the year...... Fall or what I like to call it Spooky Season.  And who better yet to kick off the season than Oogie Boogie himself from Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas.  

Oogie Boogie is the villain of Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas movie.  He is a burlap sack filled with creepy crawly bugs, insects and a snake for a tongue.  Many Disney fans often think of him when decorating during the Halloween season.

As you might remember I made a Disneyland Castle Wall in my home with my personal family photos.  I received several suggestions online to decorate my wall for various holidays.  One suggestion was to swap out the flags to fit the holiday theme and I loved that idea, but honestly it seemed like a lot of time consuming work so I wasn't going to do it.  

Then I saw on Instagram one of my fellow bloggers, Jamonkey, shared her home decor that she made featuring several of the main characters from Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas.  I was inspired to use her template for Oogie Boogie and transform my Castle for the Spooky Season.

Oogie Boogie Wall Decor (DIY)


White Poster Board

Black Poster Board

white paper



Glue Stick


Mounting Putty

Oogie Boogie Template

Grey paint or White Paint & Black paint

paint brushes

Glow in the Dark Paint

1.    Start out by either tracing or drawing freehand a large circle to the size of your choice on your white     poster board and cut it out.  (I actually used one of the lids to my frying pan to get a perfect circle)

2.    This white circle will be your moon.  Now it is time to make it look like a moon.  I used white and black paint to create grey and then started to paint a shadow on one side of my moon.  Feel free to get creative and paint it how you want your moon to look.

3.    After my moon was dry I took glow in the dark paint and painted 2 layers on top of my moon (let each layer dry in between).

4.    Next I printed out the Oogie Boogie template from Jamonkey.  I cut it out and traced him onto my black poster board and cut him out.

5.    I traced and cut out the eyes and mouth from the template on a plain piece of white paper.

6.    I glued the eyes and mouth on my Oogie Boogie black poster board cut out.

7.    Then I decided where I wanted to place him on my moon and trimmed the edges.

8.    I very carefully used the glow in the dark paint to paint on Oogie Boogies eyes and mouth only.

9.    Once he was dry I glued Boogie Boogie onto my moon.

10.   Now it is time to place the bats wherever you'd like on your moon and on your wall.  Use the mounting putty to secure your moon to your wall.

Check out my Reels Oogie Boogie video on Instagram here