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Disneyland Merchandise Mobile Checkout

Disneyland Merchandise Mobile Checkout. All information was from the Disneyland app.

Screenshot via Disneyland app, layout on phone design by me

Downtown Disney District in Anaheim is testing out a new shopping option to purchase merchandise called Merchandise Mobile Checkout.  While you are in the store you can scan items you plan to buy and check out using your Disneyland mobile app at the World of Disney.

Screenshot via Disneyland app, layout on phone design by me

Here is what you will need to do:

* Make sure you download the Disneyland app to your smartphone before arrival.

* Sign into your account & make sure your payment information is  updated.

* Scan the QR code at World of Disney.

* Scan items you are purchasing and add them to your bag.

* Tap "Check Out" when you are finished shopping to pay on your phone.

* Show your QR code to a cast member as you exit. You're all set!

This is obviously still in the testing phase.  I heard through other Disney guests that if you have an annual pass or are a Chase Disney Visa Card holder you should be able to get your discount but you will need to have a CM scan the purchase at the register.

Screenshot via Disneyland app, layout on phone design by me

While I am not currently at Downtown Disney I wanted to see if I could test it out from my home.  I recently had an item a friend purchased from Downtown Disney for me so I used it as a test.  I did the steps above and it worked from my home. If the barcode isn't scanning you can manually enter the number as well.  I obviously didn't finish all the steps because I don't need to purchase the item.  Once you click purchase you are agreeing to the transaction and will be charged, so check your cart to make sure you have everything you need.

I personally feel that the Disney Merchandise Mobile Checkout is a great idea.  My hope is that this feature will further expand to the other shopping options.  Having the option to physically grab your item and pay for it without waiting in potentially a long line will certainly save so much time, making it a more enjoyable shopping experience for the guests.  I also foresee this new shopping experience will mean guests will not be in the store as long and this could potentially mean the guests outside the store might have shorter wait times as well.