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Investigation on the Fact or Rumor: Disneyland Gluten Free Churro: Disneyland Churro

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One very iconic treat at Disneyland is the churros. Everyone wants one but not everyone can have one especially if you are gluten free. There has been several people claiming the churros at the Disneyland Resort Parks in Anaheim are gluten free or that certain stands have a gluten free option. After doing a bit of investigation I found this information to be FALSE. Disneyland Churros are NOT Gluten Free!

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Concerns about Disneyland Churros

In the Gluten Free at Disneyland community group on Facebook I get several posts a week of others either sharing about the gluten free churros they ate on their trip or wanting to know where to find them because they heard it was an option. Let me set the record straight unless you heard it directly from a Disney Chef it isn’t true! If you ask a cast member who is working at a churro stand they might not have the correct information or it’s possible there might be miscommunication about the product.


Investigation & Facts: Are Disneyland Churros Gluten Free?

When I began to investigate I first reached out to Disneyland Special diets team to confirm if this information of gluten free churros was true. And while they would not give me the list ingredients via email they did confirm that the Disneyland and DCA Churros are NOT Gluten FREE. They recommended that I also speak directly with a Disneyland chef on my next visit.

Next I contacted the brand of churros that is supplied to Disneyland which is Tio Pepe Churros by J & J Snack Foods Corp. On their website they list the ingredients of Tio Pepe churros and wheat starch is the first ingredient. Many people debate that wheat starch actually has gluten removed but on the ingredients label of the Tio Pepe churros it lists wheat as an allergen. An employee from J&J snack foods Corp replied to me via email saying all of their Tio Pepe churros line are not gluten free.

Do Your Own Research

If you feel comfortable eating these churros that is fine it’s your choice but please do not share the wrong information that could possibly cause harm to another human. I always recommend others to do your own research do not rely on others, go directly to the source. This misinformation doesn’t help other gluten free folks who are planning and doing research for their vacation. This is not a debate, Disneyland churros are NOT Gluten Free at this time. If things change believe me Disney will let us know and information will be shared. In fact, that news just might break the internet that day!

Now I have heard through other trusted sources that a restaurant at Walt DisneyWorld Resort in Florida does have a gluten free churro. Definitely ask the chef for verification.