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Disneyland Gluten Free Loaded Breakfast Sandwich | Galactic Grill | Gluten Free Disneyland

 Gluten free Disneyland Loaded Breakfast sandwich from Galactic Grill

3 wrapped sandwiches with allergy stick

Breakfast can always be a struggle at Disneyland especially if you are Gluten Free.  The gluten free choices are limited and even more limited if you want to grab something quickly to start your Park day. I’ve got a big secret to share with you…

When it comes to eating breakfast at Disneyland if you are Gluten Free here are your options:

Plaza Inn Minnie & Friends Character Dining (advance reservation required)
Carnation Cafe (advance reservation required)
Disney Hotels Restaurants Character Dining (advance reservations required)

Market House aka Starbucks (not really many options)
Fruit Stands
Red Rose Tavern
Galactic Grill
Eat in your Hotel Room or Off Property Restaurant

3 unwrapped sandwich with allergy stick

One of my favorite places to grab a delicious Gluten Free breakfast quickly is at Galactic Grill.  Galactic Grill is located in the Tomorrowland area of the Disneyland Resort Park.  This is a Quick Service restaurant meaning no reservations needed to dine here.

Most people don’t realize Galactic Grill has Gluten Free breakfast.  Breakfast is served daily from Park opening until 10:30am.  Mobile Ordering is a very convenient option that is safe for those who need to order from the Gluten Allergy Friendly Menu.  If you prefer you can also walk up and order with the chef.  They do have a very limited  Gluten Allergy Menu but it is definitely enough food to keep you going for your busy Park day.

The main gluten free option is the Gluten Allergy friendly Loaded Breakfast Sandwich.  This breakfast sandwich has Eggs, sausage, bacon and cheese on a gluten allergy friendly bun.  Please note the regular breakfast sandwich has a hash brown on it that will not be on the gluten allergy sandwich because it isn’t gluten free.  Its extremely important that you only order from the Gluten Allergy menu to make sure your order is in fact prepared with the precautions they take for Allergy orders. If you can’t do cheese or the meat you might want to consult with the chef to see if modifications can be made. 

When your order is ready, go to the pick up window to claim your food.  Your Gluten Allergy loaded breakfast sandwich will come wrapped up with a wooden allergy stick sticking out.  I’ve always had the actual Chef hand me my food, confirm my allergy order and is available to answer any further questions.  Don’t underestimate the power of this sandwich, it has been known it to keep growing teenagers and adults full for several hours!