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Gluten Free Monte Cristo | Cafe Orleans | Disneyland

Gluten Free Monte Cristo: this post is my personal review at my dining experience at Cafe Orleans.

According to many Disneyland Foodies the must have food item to try is a Monte Cristo sandwich. I want to share a little secret with you; if you are gluten free you too can enjoy a Monte Cristo on your next Disneyland trip!

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What is a Monte Cristo sandwich?

Straight from Disneyland website:

Monte Cristo is a delectable deep-fried sandwich that can be found at both Cafe Orleans and Blue Bayou restaurants.

Adapted from the classic French croque-monsieur sandwich, this battered turkey, ham and Swiss treat dusted with powdered sugar and served with berry purée is truly a slice of heaven. We also serve a meatless 3-cheese Monte Cristo made with Swiss, mozzarella and double-cream Brie.

Can I order one gluten free?

Yes you can. I am going to share what worked for me. I highly suggest following my recommendations to ensure you get a gluten free one as well. Prior to my visit, other gluten free patrons have told me Cafe Orleans didn’t have their order when they arrived. I’m not sure if they followed the steps I am going to share or maybe enough people complained to Disneyland that now things have changed.

FYI: The Gluten Free Monte Cristo is not listed on the Allergy Menus. It's a secret menu item.

How to order a Gluten Free Monte Cristo?

  • Make a Dining Reservation at either Cafe Orleans or Blue Bayou via Disneyland App
  • VERY IMPORTANT: Be sure to check off the gluten allergy at the time you are booking your reservation! (You will not be able to make changes afterwards)
  • Send an email to Disneyland Special Diets Team at least 2 weeks in advance with your reservation information and your Gluten Free Monte Cristo Request.
  • If dining at Blue Bayou the Gluten Free Monte Cristo is only offered during 11a - 3pm lunch time.
Email your request:  special.diets@disneyland.com 

If you have trouble finding a Reservation be sure to check out MouseDining a free service that helps you get last-minute and hard-to-find dining reservations at Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

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My Dining Experience at Cafe Orleans

First off I made my reservation via the Disneyland app. You can start making reservations 60 days prior to your trip. Only two restaurants offer the Monte Cristo sandwich Blue Bayou and Cafe Orleans. Blue Bayou will fill up fast, so you will want to book that one as soon as you can. Take note another guest told me Monte Cristo is only offered during 11a - 3pm at Blue Bayou. The atmosphere inside Blue Bayou is very dark and there is a price difference of about $7 more for the same sandwich as compared to Cafe Orleans. 

About 2 weeks before my reservation I emailed Disneyland special diet team with my request of a gluten free Monte Cristo sandwich. I also included my reservation information to make it easier for them. A day or two later they replied with a thank you and the request has been added to my reservation.

I checked in for my reservation at my reservation time window via the Disneyland App. Shortly after I checked in I received a text message alert saying my table was ready. 

2019 Gluten Free Monte Cristo: Cafe Orleans

As I was seated my waitress came over with a piece of paper with my printed name, reservation information and my gluten free Monte Cristo sandwich order. She confirmed my order and also gave me an allergy menu to view. I wasn’t ordering anything else except a mint julep so I let her know.

It was probably another 10 minutes or less when she brought out my plate. When I first dined here in 2019 the gluten free Monte Cristo was huge and easily sharable and covered in powered sugar served with a side of grapes and some sauce. My visit in September 2021 the portion size was much smaller, more the size of your typical gluten free bread. This visit the sandwich looked different it was barely covered in any powdered sugar and it came with a side of french fries, berry sauce and garnish.

2021 Gluten Free Monte Cristo: Cafe Orleans

First bite, I was like WOW where have you been all my life? Yes it was that good! I don’t know how else to describe it because it was unlike anything I have ever eaten in my all my years of being gluten free. I was happy it is no longer drowning in powdered sugar because previously I felt it was too much powdered sugar. Prefect ration of meat to cheese in my opinion. Previously I preferred to eat the sandwich without the sauce but this time I preferred it with the sauce. I believe the sauce was strawberry.

Overall I had a very pleasant experience at Cafe Orleans. I would definitely recommend dining here and highly suggest the gluten free Monte Cristo sandwich. I did not encounter any problems during my dining with my gluten free Monte Cristo sandwich. As long as you follow the suggested steps I took hopefully you too will have a similar experience. I look forward to bringing the rest of my family here on our next trip.

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