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Are Disneyland Macarons Gluten Free?

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Are Disneyland Macarons really Gluten Free?  This topic is controversial in the gluten-free community because although macarons are theoretically gluten-free based on their ingredients, this may not be the case at Disneyland. 

To ensure safety, it is recommended to ask the chef directly about their gluten allergy friendliness. In most cases, Disneyland chefs will say that macarons are NOT Safe due to a high risk of cross-contact in both the display cases and shared bakery kitchen where they are prepared offsite. Additionally, there is a chance that a CM might have touched the macaron after touching other treats or crumbs may have fallen off other bakery items next to it, making it impossible to guarantee the absence of gluten. 

There have been reports from some guests who were informed that wheat flour is occasionally used in the macarons. Moreover, the ingredients for the most recent seasonal macarons were publicly disclosed, revealing the presence of both wheat and oat (although these macarons are currently unavailable). This indicates that the possibility of containing gluten could extend to other macaron varieties as well. Therefore, unless a macaron is explicitly labeled as gluten-free, I do not recommend consuming them.

Given the uncertainty surrounding the Macaron it is prudent to err on the side of caution. It is better to refrain from consuming a cookie that may pose a risk of illness at a later time.

It is strongly advised that individuals with celiac disease or severe gluten sensitivity/allergy avoid all macarons unless they are specifically labeled as gluten allergy friendly. Ultimately, the decision to eat macarons at Disneyland is at one's own risk.

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