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Disneyland Blue Bayou Reservation Hacks

If you've ever dreamed of dining at Disneyland's Blue Bayou restaurant, we've got some insider tips to make that dream a reality. Thanks to a recent social media video, we've uncovered a winning strategy for securing those elusive reservations.

The 61-Day Advantage

Plan ahead by booking your reservation 61 days in advance. This ensures you're ahead of the game and increases your chances of snagging a spot.

Strategic Booking Times

The NEW theory is that Disneyland opens reservations at 9pm PST, exactly 61 days before your desired dining date. Be ready at this time to give yourself the best shot.

Testing the Strategy

I put this method to the test and found numerous available reservations for Blue Bayou after a few page refreshes. I used a desktop, iPad, and iPhone, as the results may vary depending on the device.

Device Variation

Interestingly, the device you use can impact your results. Experiment with different devices to maximize your chances.

Below is the Gluten Free Blue Bayou Menu from December 2023

Now that you know the secrets, it's your turn to try. Set your clock for 9pm PST, refresh those pages, and secure your Disneyland dining experience.  With a little timing and device variation, you can increase your odds of dining at the enchanting Blue Bayou restaurant. Make your Disney dreams come true!