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Goofy's Kitchen Halloween Brunch | Gluten Free Disneyland

Step into a whimsical world of Halloween enchantment at Goofy's Kitchen, where the magic of the season comes to life in every bite. Join beloved Disney characters for a spooktacular brunch adventure, where delightful treats and eerie delights await your Gluten Free taste buds.

Goofy's Kitchen Halloween Brunch

In terms of the food, our experience this time mirrored the regular gluten free Goofy's Kitchen breakfast offerings. The standout difference was the chef's elevated enthusiasm and friendliness compared to our previous visit. The chef kindly guided us through the buffet, taking the time to explain which items were gluten-free. Unfortunately, none of the Halloween-themed treats were gluten-free, with the exception of the jello.

Much like our prior visit, the chefs don't readily share the extent of their culinary capabilities unless you specifically inquire. It's essential to be precise in your requests. Rather than asking if a dish is gluten-free, it's more effective to ask if they can prepare a particular item using gluten-free ingredients. For example, we inquired about gluten-free options for pizzas, both dessert and breakfast varieties. While they appeared hesitant, they were willing to accommodate our request when we asked for them to be made on a gluten-free crust.

As for breakfast options from the back, they typically offer Gluten Free Mickey waffles, pancakes, muffins, and a cookie. When I inquired about dessert options, I was initially told there were none available. However, when I showed a picture of a dessert someone had recently enjoyed, they brought it out, but they don't proactively inform you about such choices.

Please note that the menu options tend to rotate frequently. What you see one day may not be available the next, especially when it comes to soups and other hot items. Nevertheless, they consistently offer a selection of standard hot breakfast items. On the day of our visit, we were disappointed not to find the Halloween marshmallows and pozole soup, which my daughter had been looking forward to.

Character Interaction 

Unfortunately, the character interactions were less enjoyable for us this time. While Goofy at the front provided a fantastic experience and was probably the highlight of our meal, the interactions with the tableside characters didn't measure up. It's possible that the Halloween booking had made the restaurant extra crowded, affecting the character interactions. The visits to our table were brief, and in some instances, tables were skipped entirely, with characters not returning. We also noticed that waitstaff seemed to rush some tables, although we weren't affected. At one table, a group of adults appeared to have a connection with a character, receiving multiple visits from Chip and Dale, while other tables were overlooked. These observations are just what we noted during our visit.

Would I consider going again? 

Well, I believe it really depends. The food quality was satisfactory, and if you're assertive in your requests, the chef is willing to accommodate your preferences. However, it's worth noting that the cost is slightly on the higher side, and securing a reservation can be challenging due to increased crowding. Additionally, the characters were dressed in costumes from previous years, which weren't my personal favorite, and the character interactions may vary from one visit to another.