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Tucson, AZ Hilton El Conquistador & PF Changs reviews

I recently stayed at the Hilton El Conquistador Resort in Tucson, AZ for a conference which included all meals- breakfast, lunch and dinner. I had sent my food allergies along with some food/brand suggestions to the organizer of our group conference. I have to say I was a bit nervous going there but mapped out a whole foods incase I needed to get anything. I was pleasantly surprised with our meals. They were great and similar as to what everyone else was eating. I did not take pictures because it wasn't that different but the desserts were great. Day 1- dinner was baked chicken and pasta with red sauce and desert was strawberry sorbet with big chocolate chip cookies. Day 2- breakfast: coconut yogurt,eggs,hashbrowns and cereal; lunch: grilled chicken, grilled peppers, big tortillas,beans and brownies for dessert; dinner: grilled chicken, steamed veggies and desert was red velvet cake. Day 3- we skipped breakfast; lunch: pizza with veggies & cookies, dinner: ribs, hamburgers with bread, chips and cupcakes for dessert. Day 4- breakfast: eggs, French toast, yogurt and cereal.

They were also great at labeling the buffet tables with signs saying if it was dairy and gluten free and also telling me which items to avoid from the buffet. I decided to play it safe and only get fruit from the buffet. I did get sick after eatting one day both at lunch and dinner but after seeing the ingredient list from the chef it was not the food so it is possible I caught something while traveling. Overall the Hotel did great at our food allergy needs.

PF Chang's (sorry for picture quality, I only had my cell phone with me)

Our conference ended and so we still had to find food for the rest of the day. We saw a PF Chang's and heard great reviews and had been wanting to try it so we decided to go there for dinner. I told the server our food limitations and he gave me some suggestions on dishes to try off of the gluten free menu. He also went to check with the chef to verify those dishes can be made soy and dairy free as well and they can. So we ordered the lettuce wraps. I assumed they were gonna come out already wrapped but they aren't it is make your own. They were great and a huge amount this could have satisfied me as my meal. My main dish with the Singapore street noodles dish. It was so yummy, it was hard to believe that it was safe to eat. For my son I ordered a side of just rice noodles and he ate some of the chicken out of my dish. The servings were huge, I could not even eat 1/3 of my food. Overall I was very happy with my meal,service and experience there at PF Chang's. It was kinda pricey but I do look forward to trying it again someday.