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Disneyland Eating GFCF September 2010

Our family loves disneyland, not just for the fun and entertainment, but for the food too! Here is my review on our latest trip to Disneyland and California Adventure parks as well as the Disney Paradise Pier Hotel. My last review on the food was almost 18 months ago and not too much had changed since then.

We decided to bring cereal and muffins from home to skip paying for breakfast. Our hotel had a refrigerator where we stored our muffins,milk, OJ and fruit. I also brought safe pretzels and "granola" type bars with us for snacks too. Both parks had no problems with me bringing in snacks and water into the parks.

Day 1, we were tired after traveling and decided to just eat dinner at the PCH Grill which is located inside the DIsney Paradise Pier Hotel. I had remembered the year before that in the park the gfcf pizza was yummy so I ordered a hawaiian (no cheese) for myself and a kids pepperoni (no cheese) for my son. When it came out I knew right away it was not the same crust from the time before. And I was right it wasn't and it tasted awful! It was hard as a rock, literally you could probably chip a tooth eating it. I had a hard time eating it and ended up just eating the toppings. Somehow my son's had some softer spots and he was able to eat some of it. It came with a side of fresh fruit which was nice. Overall I am very disappointed with this meal and I mentioned it to our server as well. The server said they did change the crust recently but she wasn't sure of the brand. Also her head chef was not available for me to speak with. Also on the price mine was $2 more than my sons but the pizza size was the same.

Day 2, for lunch my son had a hot dog on a gfcf bun at Award Wieners in CA Adventure park. He enjoyed it and ate every bite. I had lunch at Taste Pilots, my favorite grilled chicken sandwich and fries. Very good! For dinner we split gfcf pasta with marinera sauce from Red Rocket Pizza Port in Disneyland Park, yummy as well and a very large serving. It was so much I think I got full before my plate was empty and I even shared it with my 7 yr old.

Day 3, for lunch we had grilled chicken sandwiches from Tomorrowland Terrace in Disneyland (no complaints very yummy and I think the chicken breast was bigger than the day before). For dinner we had turkey sandwiches with fresh fruit from River Belle Terrace. I can not conform if the turkey meat was cooked dairy free but we were fine after eating it. I ordered a kid plate and adult plate and I was surprised on my adult plate I had 2 sandwiches, too much for me to eat and had I known that I would have just shared it with my son and skipped the kid meal.

Day 4,lunch in Downtown Disney, while I can not for sure say there was no cross contamination on either of these places I had heard good things about Tortilla Jo's and I got 2 steak corn tacos and it was yummy. My husband ordered my son a plain hotdog bunless from the Jazz Kitchen and he seemed to do fine.

Overall I think we had a decent dining experience and we look forward to eating at Disney again! Also I am not for sure if all my eating was soy free but we did good so my guess is that it was. (I know for sure the chicken, buns and pasta was soy free)