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Disney Wonder Cruise- Allergy Free Foods

Well the Disney Wonder Cruise ship made it's way to it's new home California. Being that they had some time between cruises Disney offered a special 2 day cruise called "The Cruise to Nowhere". It did not require any passports because it did not make any international stops. This was a perfect opportunity at a great price for my family to give cruising a try. Being that it is Disney I knew our dietary needs would be well cared for. About 2 months before the cruise I made sure our dietary needs were known and recorded.

Day 1 we arrived aboard at lunch time. At that time there was Parrot Cay on deck 3, on deck 9 some quick service stands and Beach Blanket buffet. I first went to the quick service hoping to get something as we were starving but they suggested I not eat there and for me to eat only in the sit down restrantes (this is what I was told on the phone too before our trip). My family that is non dietary needs had already began at the Beach Blanket Buffet so I went in and told our waiter whom then brought out a chef to me. The chef took me around the buffet and told me he could pretty much make anything on the buffet for me but he would make it separate in the galley. To save on time since we were hungry I ordered turkey and ham sandwiches with some roasted potatoes. Lunch was tastey and exactally as I ordered.

Now onto dinner, Day 1. We were assigned to Parrot Cay for dinner 1st seating. Our server was great he had read about the dietary needs without me even saying anything and called us all by our first names. They brought us safe rolls to snack on before our meal too. I ordered my son hamburger, french fries and fresh fruit. When the burger came out to our table it had cheese so I immediately questioned it and the server took it back and yes they made a mistake and they brought out a fresh one. For myself I ordered a pear salad and steak. OMG the salad was so yummy who would have ever thought pears in salad would be so good. For my dinner I had steak, baked potato and asparagus. It was all yummy. We did not stay for desert as we were feeling a little dizzy from the boat and had to go back to the room to get ready for the live show.

Day 2 - for breakfast it is open seating so we decided to try out Triton's. It was very fancy looking in there. The server was great she too knew our names and food allergies before she came to the table. I ordered for my son pancakes, eggs and bacon. It took a tad longer to come out but was worth the wait. The pancakes were fluffy, the bacon was very thin (kinda weird but tasted ok) and the eggs were great. I had eggs, bacon and fresh fruit. For lunch on Day 2 since the sandwich thing worked out nicely we just ordered the same thing and hung out by the pool.

Da 2 dinner- I had tried to see if we could switch to the only other restrantes that we had not gone too but they could not fill my request so we had to eat where we were assigned Parrot Cay. We were fine with this as all our servers were great. This time my son got pasta, rolls and fresh fruit. For some reason his pasta came out plain with no sauce but he was ok with that and ate it. I ordered spinach salad, chicken with baked potato and steamed veggies. Everything tasted great, I didn't care for this salad as much as I liked the one the night before. For dessert they brought my son rice dream ice cream and strawberries. He was so excited, I had no idea they had rice dream onboard. They did a wonderful dinner show for us and we had a great time.

Day 3 since we had to disembark they assigned where to go and what time. We had the 7:30am breakfast at Parrot Cay, way early for some of us. I ordered the night before the same breakfast we had on day 2 and it was ready at the same time the rest of our families meal.

Overall Disney Cruiseline did a fantastic job meeting our dietary needs and it was great that the servers were aware of the needs without me telling them. I highly recommend those with gluten,soy and casein allergies use disney for cruising and know that they will take care of you.