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San Diego Fun Eats-Gluten,Soy & Dairy Free

My family and I were on vacation in San Diego,CA this spring break. The hotel we stayed in had a kitchen so we were able to cook breakfast and pack lunches and snacks but I wasn't about to cook dinner too. First night we ate at Joe's Crab Shack in Mission Beach area of town. We were close by so we walked. Actually we went there by accident and was surprised they had a gluten free menu. For myself I got the boiled Joe's Classic Steam pot. It was so yummy and my first time eating different crabs in the shell. I did not eat the sausage though cause I am not a huge fan of it plus I really didn't know if it was soy free. For my son I order grilled chicken & plain veggies with fries. While I can not confirm if the fries were truely safe he seemed to do ok with them.

Second day we went to the famous San Diego Zoo. While we did not buy any food there, we brought our own lunch and no one hassled us like they do at other establishment parks. For dinner we ate at Woodstocks in Pacific Beach area. OMG! the pizza was great. It was crispy and full of taste. I ordered Hawaiian minus the cheese. Even the next day I rewarmed a slice in the microwave and it was still crispy which is very unlike other GF crusts I have had. It only comes in 1 size, a large which worked out to have plenty extras.

Finally our last dinner there we ate at Tony Roma's. Now I have to say I did not verify anything here and when I searched the web could not find much. I took a chance and ordered ribs and steamed veggies. It was delicious and I did not have any reactions either. I often react when eating ribs but these I did not.

Overall it was a great dining experience in San Diego!