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Vacation- Santa Cruz,CA

Well Santa cruz has just left me in awe of it's beauty and hospitality. Here are some places we ate some are new to us while others are our favorite chains that we are familiar with.

We stopped in San Jose for In N Out, great food and very accommodating as always. Next was dinner and we ate at Woodstock's pizza besides the sauce being a tad spicy the pizza was good. I ordered a gluten free no cheese with ham and pineapple. They offered me soy cheese but I declined, hum maybe I should have taken the opportunity to tell them about Daiya vegan cheese, maybe I will write them on facebook. For breakfast we brought cereal from home because the hotel breakfast was not safe besides the fruit and juice. Next day we ate at Burger King and ate our familiar bunless burgers and fries. For dinner we tried something new a place called Charlie Hong Kong. I ordered the pad tai and boy it was way too spicy for me. They did have a large selection of other dishes and if I go back I will definitely give them a try again. Next day for lunch we ate another familiar place chipolte which was awesome as always! Now our final meal was dinner and we ate the lobster special at the Ideal bar and grill. I requested no butter or seasonings on my veggies and rice and steak and it all came out delicious.

Overall I am happy with my dining experiences and besides being in the sun for too long I did not get sick at all!