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Gluten Free Traveling Tips

Just because you are gluten free doesn't mean you have to cancel your travel plans.  Sure many of us whom are celiac or have an allergy to gluten want to travel without getting sick, we just have to take a few extra precautions. Even with precautions it doesn't mean you won't get sick, it means it might lower the chances.  These tips are just suggestions I have to help you be more prepared for your upcoming trip.

Scope Out the Area

Do some research of the area you will be traveling to.  Ask friends who are gluten free for recommendations of that area.  Look for local chain eateries that you know offer gluten free menus.  Contact restaurants in the area and ask if any accommodations can be made. Sometimes restaurants can make sure they order extra gluten free items if you make prior arrangements.  Another option could be order items off menu that are naturally gluten free for example hard boiled eggs, fruit, veggies & unseasoned meats.

Hotel or Rental Home

When booking your trip look for hotels or rental homes that offer a kitchen.  With a kitchen you can prepare many of your meals yourself. Bring Lysol wipes with you so you can quickly sanitize surfaces in your room & if you eat out.  In your room don't use the toaster and wash all cookware & cutlery before you use it.


Go shopping! Find the nearest grocery store and buy foods you can prepare. If your rental or hotel doesn't have a kitchen hopefully it has a mini fridge you can store some cold food in.  If you have special prepackaged items that you aren't sure the store might have buy them ahead of time and pack them in your luggage.  I often have a jar of peanutbutter, can of tuna & crackers in my checked luggage.  Don't forget a can opener & plastic utensils as a back up, otherwise you might have no use for those items.

Snack Time

Bring more snacks than you think you'd need.  Whether you are flying or driving having snacks in your bag will ensure you will have something to eat at all times.  If you are flying you will have to check ahead of time with the TSA on what items can be brought through airport security. Generally I stick with items like crackers, pretzels, chips, prepackaged snacks or dry cereal.  Often once cleared the security check point you can find fresh fruit, veggies & water to buy should you need more food.


Don't forget your medication and homeopathic meds that may help you in case you accidentally get glutened or become ill.  It's always good to bring it just in case where you stay you don't have access to buy more.  No one wants to be driving around to find the nearest pharmacy if they aren't feeling well.  It might be a good idea to have information for the closest hospital or medical center that is on your insurance list, you never know if you might need it and don't forget the medical insurance cards!

Lastly, have fun! Don't let all the what if or uncertainty scare you from having a wonderful time.  Take that trip and hopefully with all the extra precautions in place it will put your mind at ease.  What is the Boy Scouts motto.... Always Be Prepared!