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Why Everyone Should Visit Disneyland Solo (at least once)

Yes I said it, everyone should visit Disneyland solo at least once in their lifetime.  When I say solo, I mean no friends, family or anyone going with you or even meeting you at the park.  Some people may call me crazy (and they have) while others after trying it will thank me for the idea later! I know many feel Disneyland is a place to bring their children and enjoy a family vacation together but Disneyland can be just as magical for adults too.  In fact there are many adults who end up having more fun than the kids.  Many of us adults are just big kids at heart!

I am not even an annual pass holder nor do I live close enough to the park to do this but I still managed to make it happen for my birthday May 2016.  What I did is about two months before I wanted to go I booked my flight and besides my hubby and a couple close friends I didn't tell a single sole.  Yes for two months I had this gigantic secret inside that I was dying to share with my kids but I honestly didn't want to bring them or hear them complain.  On the day of my birthday I flew to Orange County, took an uber to Disneyland and spent the entire day doing what I wanted before flying back home that night!  I had so much fun I would certainly do it again but I was so tired I'd likely would spend the night next time!

Reasons why I feel everyone should go to Disneyland solo at least once in their life.........


Yes if you go solo you can ride whatever you want! Does little sally always refuse to ride California Screamin'?  And you have never been able to go on it? Now is your chance to ride it or any other ride for that matter as many times as your heart desires without having to worry about the kids or even the significant other.

Skipping Rides

Oh brother have you been on It's a Small World so many times just because it is someone you are with their favorite ride?  Guess what if you go solo you can skip it. You can skip all the rides that annoy you or you just don't have time for!


Some of us love them while others would rather skip them.  If you are solo and enjoy the parades you can easily sit and wait or squeeze into the front row to watch.  If you are not a huge fan like me you can use that time to your advantage and hop on a ride or several rides.

Single Riders

Oh yeah there is a song about that!  While there aren't as many single rider lanes in the queue there are some and they are often combined with those who have fast passes.  Basically because you are solo you might be able to get on the ride faster by using this option if the ride offers it. Another way is sometimes the cast member call out looking for party of 1 and raise your hand even if you are far back because chances are the cast member will ask you to the front of the line to get on.  They do this because the party riding maybe had an even/odd number of riders and they need to fill the ride to keep the line moving.

Bon appetite 

Besides the rides, shows and parades Disneyland is all about the food experience.  When you are solo you can eat at whatever time you want and eat whatever you want.  Do you want to have a giant sundae for lunch, go for it no judgment here! Oh did you know there are a few places in both parks that even serve adult beverages? Go and enjoy!

Splurge a little

Yep, don't feel guilty about it splurge a little on yourself.  Visit the shops and buy something nice for yourself without the time limit or complaining of others with you trying to rush you through the stores.  Do you want that churro even though you just ate lunch, go for it buy it!  You've worked so hard solo ahead and treat yo'self!

Time is endless

Well it is to a point. Are you tired? Stop and relax in the shade or better yet visit the inside of one of Disneyland's hotel lobbies to take a break if you need it.  If you booked a hotel room, sleep in as late as you want or stay up till 2am having a blast.  This solo trip is all about you and doing what you want!

Stop and smell the roses

No literally slow down and smell the roses. Disneyland is full of history and hidden gems that most people don't even notice because they don't slow down to enjoy them.  Finding Hidden Mickey's is a fun one I like to play, ask cast members for hints. Cast members love to have guests ask questions about their Disney knowledge don't be afraid to ask.

Lastly, don't worry about being alone.  I had a friend ask me if go solo wouldn't I  be lonely? Not at all, I was alone but not alone; I always had other Disney guests to chat with in line or a even cast members.  I never felt lonely, I felt free without a care in the world!  I know for some they would worry or miss their family but remember this is a trip for you, we all need a day off a break from our hectic lives.  This solo trip is all about you, now go have fun!  I highly recommend everyone try to go solo to Disneyland at least once! Who knows once you go solo one time you might make it an annual thing.  

Have you been on a solo Disneyland trip?