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2019 Disney Food & Wine Festival Gluten Free Menu

The Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival is at the Disney California Adventure Park from March 1 - April 23, 2019. Just because you are gluten free doesn't mean you have to miss out. Many guests are unaware, but Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival has several gluten friendly options. 

*May Contain Affiliate links. I was gifted a Sip & Savor Pass by AWEsome Retreat.

Before ordering any gluten free food please ask for a Chef consult at Disneyland.  Disneyland menu options, ingredients, and locations are subject to change.  Please do your own research to see if this could be an option for your dietary needs by verifying with chef before consuming.

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Disney doesn't typically publicize these menus on their website, but if you ask a Cast Member in person for the "Allergen Friendly menu" they will get it for you. Of course if you have multiple allergies or you are more sensitive definitely ask to speak with a chef. Disney wants to make sure to take good care of their guests with food allergies and limit possible cross contamination as much as possible.

Unfortunately there are not too many gluten free items on the menu. Below is a list of items that are gluten friendly (term Disney uses for gluten free) and which booth you can find them at .  Information from Disney Parks Blog Foodie Guide.  For some reason drinks are not labelled gf except 1 beer, so I am unsure about those.

 My favorite items this year were the Macaron, Pork Roast, Chocolate-Peanut-Carmel-Parfait, and the Salt &Vinegar Parm chicken wings!  The Macaron was the best one I've ever had.  It was definitely a lemon flavor but not too over powering with a surprise berry center filling.  The pork roast (without onions) was so delicious as well.  

But those chicken wings were my favorite.  They were so crispy it kinda made me think I was eating gluten battered fried chicken, except this one was definitely gluten-free. The chocolate parfait was so creamy and rich.  It was so delicious but after all the food I had eaten I was too full to even finish it all.

Just an FYI the Cauliflower Ceviche was super spicy!  I'm a wimp when it comes to spice but my friend who like spice even tried it and said it definitely has a kick.  I tried almost all the gluten friendly options that I left the festival so full.

It is definitely worth buying a Sip & Savor Pass if you want to try all the gluten friendly foods at the festival.  This year they are available for $54.  This was my first year using the Sip & Savor pass (which I won for a raffle at the AWEsome Retreat conference) and I highly recommend sharing the food with friends, it is a lot of food to eat solo!  The staff at each booth were amazing always double checking that the items were in fact on the gluten friendly list as I ordered.

NEW Items Added to the Menu (updated 3/12/19)

UnCorked California

California Artisan Cheese Selection (no crackers)

Citrus Grove (near Carthay Circle at festival enterance)

Meyer Lemon Blue Diamond Macaron
Citrus Brined Pork Roast (no onions)

Berry Patch (near Carsland entrance)

Strawberry and Coconut Rice "Frushi" with Sweet Oikos Yogurt Wasabi sauce

Peppers Cali-ente (near Wine Country Trattoria)

Verlasso Sustainable Salmon Peruvian Poke with Cucumber-Lime Salad and Aji Verde Salsa

OFF THE COB (near Golden Zephyr)

Shrimp Boil Tacos with Andouille Sausage and Fresh Corn 

GOLDEN DREAMS (near Redwood Creek Challenge Trail Entrance)

Chocolate-Peanut-Caramel Parfait 

FESTIVAL BEER GARDEN (near Boardwalk Pizza & Pasta)

Divine Science Brewing, Third Contact, Gluten-friendly IPA, Anaheim (only one listed as gluten free)

Veggie, Veggie, Fruit, Fruit

Cauliflower Ceviche (no tortilla strips)
Duo of Lime and Strawberry Frozen Fruit bars

Cluck-a Doodle-Moo

Salt & Vinegar Parmesan Chicken Wings

photos courtesy Disneyland News