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Gluten Free Disneyland FAQ

Answers to the Most Common Frequently Asked Questions about Gluten Free Food options at Disneyland in Anaheim, California.

Here are Answers to the Most Common Frequently Asked
Questions about Gluten Free Food options at Disneyland in Anaheim, California.

What does Gluten Friendly mean? 

This is a term Disney uses frequently to label gluten free food items. I'm not exactly sure why they don't say gluten free friendly instead.

Where can I get Gluten Free Mickey Waffles? 

Great news I have written two articles with all the 4-1-1 about Gluten Free Mickey waffles and Gluten Free Breakfast options.

What does Quick Service or QS mean? 

Disneyland a quick-service restaurant offers great food and fast service. They are generally either cafeteria-style or counter-service venues. You order or take the food items that you want, pay for your food and sit down to enjoy your meal. Several of these quick service locations also offer gluten free and food allergy menu options. Read more about QS here.

Where can I find gluten free fried chicken or chicken nuggets? 

Unfortunately at this time Disneyland does not offer a gluten free
version of these chicken fan favorites.

Where are the Gluten Free churros? 

Sadly Disneyland does not have gluten free churros. They are only available at Walt Disney World Park in Florida.

Where can I find the gluten free menus? 

You can definitely find them at each dining establishment. Also some of them are available online within the Disneyland app and I have them listed here.

How Do I get a Gluten Free Monte Cristo Sandwich?

Great news I shared my experience here from my dining experience fall 2021. You can only get a Gluten Free Monte Cristo with a reservation to either Cafe Orleans or Blue Bayou.

It is recommended to request the gluten free sandwich at least 14 days in advance via emailing Disney Special
diets ( special.diets@disneyland.com ).

Do I need reservations in order to eat? 

No, not always. You can visit quick service locations and sometimes you can get last minute reservations. But if you are set on a particular dining experience or location it is suggested to make reservations 60 days out. If you are unable to secure a reservation in advance I'd highly suggest signing up for MouseDining. MouseDining is a third party company that works with Disney behind the scenes to find a reservation for you.

What is the Safety Protocol at Disneyland for Gluten Free? 

Disneyland takes food allergies very seriously. I always suggest requesting to speak with the chef at each location before ordering. Disneyland does not have dedicated kitchen so they do their best to limit cross contamination but the risk is always there. You can read more here.

Why are there not more Disneyland treats that are gluten free? 

I completely understand and I often ask this question too. There are several prepackaged non disney themed treats throughout the park like brownies, muffins, fruit, etc... My suggestion is to email Disneyland Special Diets requesting this. I think the more peoplewho give feedback the more likely in the future Disney might be to increasing this offering.

Do you Work for Disney? 

No, I don't but hey Disneyland if you are reading this I am available. I share information on my own with no pay to help others navigate Disneyland while eating Gluten Free. It is a passion project near and dear to my heart!

Where can I find those Discount Disneyland Tickets? 

You can find them here with my ticket partner Get Away Today. I partner with them to promote their sales and I do earn a small commission off each sale purchased through my affiliate link or by calling them when you mention my name: GFMOUSE You can also save $10 off by mentioning my name too!

Where can I find the Gluten Free Disney articles you have written? 

Definitely they are on my blog. You can use the search bar with keywords of what you might be looking for. I also created a tab at the top of this page under Resources where I have most of my Gluten Free Disneyland articles all in one easy to find spot.

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