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Guide To Gluten Free Groceries Near Disneyland

Guide To Gluten Free Groceries Near Disneyland: this article covers the where and how-to find gluten free groceries near Disneyland Resort area.

While on your Disneyland Vacation having the option to purchase gluten free groceries close by is important to some people making their vacation less stressful not having to worry about what food to eat.  With baggage restrictions on airlines it isn’t always an feasible for everyone to bring their own gluten free food from home. Who wants to have to loose precious space in their luggage for food anyways?

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Grocery Stores in Anaheim

There are several options a short car ride away from the Disneyland Resort Park area.  If you are not a California native I created a list of grocery stores you can search in google (Anaheim zip code is 92802) that typically have several gluten free food items.

Whole Foods
Trader Joe’s

No Car, No Problem

I often travel with out renting a car since most of my trips are spent at Disneyland and I typically stay at a hotel within walking distance.  Of course Uber and Lyft are great options to get around town to go to the grocery stores.  There is also a public transportation Bus line available; however, I am not familiar how close this will get you to a grocery store or how often they run.

Unexpected Sources to Find Groceries

Many of the Anaheim area Hotels have a gift shop.  I have discovered many gluten free prepackaged items as well as naturally gluten free items like milk, cereal, fruit and chips in various Hotel gift shops.  Another unexpected place to find a decent variety of gluten free groceries is at Walgreens and CVS Drug Stores.  My personal opinion is the Walgreens (1802 S. Harbor, Anaheim, CA 92802)  has the best variety of some gluten free brands; for example, Enjoy Life Foods and Glutino are two brands I found several snack items on the shelves.

Grocery Delivery

There are a variety of grocery delivery services in the area.  I highly suggest you contact the Hotel you are staying at to ask about their grocery delivery policies and if this is allowed.  Some Hotels will hold the groceries for you if you are still at Disneyland, while others require you physically meet the delivery person at their car or in the lobby.  I have not yet tried this service but I do know Shipt, Target and Amazon offer this service in the Anaheim area.

What Gluten Free Food is Available

The type of gluten free food available is going to vary from store to store and will depend on store supply.  Don’t assume something will be available because you normally have that item at your home store.  Each store, even within the same chain, offer different items and get shipments at various times.  Some gluten free brands or food items can differ from state to state and even Coast to Coast.  Here are a list of familiar brand names that are Gluten Free to look out for at the Grocery stores if you live outside California.

Out of town/ out of USA guests

Here are a list of brands that are gluten free and have prepackaged snack foods like cookies, crackers, pretzels, donuts, etc... often can be found at various grocery stores like Sprouts, Whole Foods, Vons, Target, Walmart and Walgreens (has several but only the location off harbor by the park).  Bread like items are often found in the frozen isle and the shelf stable items are either in their own section of store or in same isle as non gf items.

Trader Joe’s is another health food store but they don’t have as many gf food and they have their own line of gf items.

Common Gluten Free brands with snacks:

Enjoy life Foods
Udi’s Gluten Free
Canyon Bakehouse

I know how stressful it can be when traveling and the having fear of the unknown of what food you will eat when you are there.  I hope you found this information and tips helpful as you prepare for your next Disneyland vacation.

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